Month: April 2015


SEO V/S SEM: Are They Two Sides of The Same Coin?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is incomplete without search engine optimization (SEO) but there is more to it. The process of SEM works towards getting higher number of hits for a…

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How Links Are Processed: An Overview of How Search Engines Work

There is a city. In the city, there are many block, and each block has many firms. Similarly, the firms have different departments: sales, operations, HR, etc. Like every other…

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social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Maximizing Customer Sales Opportunity

Reaching out the right customers in most appropriate way is one of the fundamental challenges faced by several digital marketers. We all are aware of the benefits we could get…

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Golden lessons In-house SEO can teach Agency SEO’s

For building any so called ‘harmonious’ organization, it’s necessary for the SEO’s of various companies to maintain a sustainable relationship between themselves. So here are 7 notes from In-house SEO…

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