Is your website is not doing well even after having an appealing design and quality content? Time for a critical review. For sure, it’s the asset that solely represents your business but things go wrong when it doesn’t turn up lucrative. Since your website is meant to generate great revenues for your business, why shouldn’t it be doing so? Maybe there are few things you need to consider other than just wondering about what new stuff you can add in to it.

Geeks have notified 5 things that you must get your site rid of immediately otherwise, may odds be ever in your favor, these things won’t stop doing their bad. Just read on;

Social Media Icons in the Headers

For every business, social media presence is mandatory. But the way your visitor gets directed from website to your social media network is more important. A lot of business websites have their social media icons integrated in the header that’s not an appropriate strategy. Header is the most prominent eye-catching tool for your website that’s meant to make your visitor scroll down. But when you get them directed to your social media page right their landing to your website, they simply get lost into their personal social media feed.

Therefore, just make sure you get the social media icons removed. Instead, you can go on implementing social media widgets that easily lets your visitors contribute to your social media without losing the environment of your website.

Email Links

You might want to amaze your visitors with a popping window on your website home page. Such options usually ask them to write their emails so that they can get some eBook for free. But here is a problem with that; such practices end up with a really poor user experience as your visit will be lost in some sort of email program or that pop up window might ask him to check the verification link after he/she wrote the email in the dialogue box. As a result, you are losing your lead that would have given huge profits most probably.

Therefore, what you can do instead is that just avoid using such popup windows and try using email forms. Whenever your visitor sends an inquiry, he/she would write the email. Right after clicking the ‘submit’ button, visitor gets the inquiry confirmation with a free eBook. Now that sounds quite reasonable.

YouTube Suggested Videos

Have you embedded the YouTube videos on your website? Look! Embedded videos are viewed on your website but hosted from the primary host that’s YouTube quite often.  It’s truly a great strategy as you are using the third-party hosting space having an entity being viewed on your website. But here is a problem, the suggested YouTube videos can get your visitor distracted that’s obviously a huge loss. So make sure to disable suggested YouTube videos option in your website.

In a nutshell, every esteemed and reputable web design agency Dubai has these trends in their practice so that they can keep up with the latest standards.


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