India is packed with so many destinations that can win your heart instantly. Amidst them, Bhopal that is capital of Madhya Pradesh is offering its visitors delight and ecstasy. It is a fascinating mixture of picturesque beauty, advanced urban design and antique historic city.

Even if you have made a last minute plan, you can easily go for online hotel booking in Bhopal. This way, you can relish the different destinations of this city in a comfortable manner. After all, this Nawabi city is always welcoming for all! For now, you can go through 4 beautiful spots of Bhopal.

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka
Bhimbetka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is a gathering of rock shelter paintings an archaeological epitome. It is located at a distance of just forty-five kilometres from Bhopal. The enhancing place is fenced with northern outlying of Vindhya ranges. In this rocky land of dense forest & stony cliffs, about six hundred rock shelters belonging to the Neolithic age were got discovered lately.You can also go through paintings in five hundred caves that are executed in red & white with rare use of yellow and green mingled with themes fetched from daily events of aeons ago.

Van Vihar National Park
This park was formed in the year 1979 in Bhopal. It houses the area of 445 21 hectares. It fascinates a large number of tourists and nearly 2. 50 lakhs visitors/tourists visit Van Vihar every year.At this place, orphaned animals are transported from other places of country or exchanged from diverse zoos. The famous attractions of this park are Albino Sloth bear and White tiger. Other than these, visitors can see Sambhar, Nilgai, Lion, Black buck, Cheetal, Chousingha, Rhesus macaque, Porcupine and so on.You will have a fulfilling time in this beautiful park.


Upper Lake
Upper Lake is a well-known and adored lake of Bhopal. It is a beautiful artificial lake that fascinates every heart. This Lake is also called Badatalaab. The lake is located in Western side of city.It is one of the oldest water bodies in nation and was considered to be formed in 11th century by Raja Bhoj. The settings of this lake are beautiful and serene.

Gohar Mahal
Gohar Mahal is a massive mansion of historical importance. It is situated on VIP road of Bhopal. Qudisiya Begum constructed this Mahal in year 1820 on the banks of the Upper Lake. She is first lady ruler of Bhopal.The gorgeous structure of Gohar mehale meets a mixture of both Hindu and Islamic style of architecture. The gorgeous vaults and the engaging work on splendid walls can give your eyes a treat. Of course, an innovative heart and an imaginative mind are definitely going to love this architectural grandeur.

So, when are you going to drop in for a beautiful exploration in this city of lakes? Just book rooms in Bhopal resort and have a cherished time in this city. After all, Bhopal is not going to leave you disenchanted.