5 Reasons to Visit Ahmedabad on Your Next Vacation

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Wondering where to head out to in the upcoming vacation? At a loss for ideas when it comes to finding the perfect place to visit within India? Well then if you have never been to Gujarat, then you should definitely plan a trip to its star city- Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is very tourist friendly and you will find plenty of hotels in ahmedabad that will make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Need reasons to visit this glorious city? Well then here are some reasons that you will not be able to ignore:

The first reason for which you should visit is Ahmedabad’s heritage.
It is intrinsically linked with the Indian freedom struggle since it had served as a base for Gandhiji’s various revolutionary activities. In fact even today, the Sabarmati Ashram is still going strong, offering an alternative way of life following the principles of Gandhi. The Sabarmati Ashram is located a few kilometres away from the main area of the city and you can hire a car and head out to this place in order to see various artefacts, Gandhi’s room and various other interesting things that are a proud marker of Indian history.

The second reason for which you have to visit Ahmedabad is the food that you find here.
Lined with street food stalls in certain locations, Ahmedabad is known for its vegetarian delights. From dhoklas to chats, you will realise the Gujarati food dream when you are in Ahmedabad. If you are a foodie and if you love little something too much on when touring through a new place, then there is really no place better than the city streets of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad has something pretty unique, which not all the major metropolitans of the country have.
If you want to experience what it feels like to watch a drive in movie, then you should definitely visit Ahmedabad. From good quality multiplex standard screens with the usual tub of popcorn, you can now enjoy the movie experience right from your car when in Ahmedabad. Needless to say this is one of the star attractions of this city.

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Another very reason for which you should visit Ahmedabad is for the lovely hotels and resorts that you have here. You get a wide variety of hotels here- from budget hotels to luxury resorts. If you want to avoid the city crowd then there are plenty of resorts near ahmedabad where you can arrange for your stay and explore nature’s bounty. Whatever your choice of hotel might be, you will surely find it in Ahmedabad.

Do you love to shop? Shop a little and then shop a little more? Oh well then, you should really plan your trip to Ahmedabad to fill up your bag with all the Gujju goodies that you can get. Bandhejsarees are a major hit here and so is Meenakari jewellery that is typical of this region. If you want to do some regional shopping then Ahmedabad is the place for you.

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Need any more reasons to visit Ahmedabad? So, start planning your trip, today!

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