Social media is a great tool for communication. And like many other things in life, it is prone to abuse. Some people may forget to use some discretion and overuse the site. Sometimes it becomes a ground or arena for bashers and haters of some unnecessary things. Here are some of the worst things you can find, or you have done using FACEBOOK:

The self-news-casting (blow by blow self-reporting): It means that you have to post like:

“I am feeding the cat right now”
2 minutes later “ I am going to take a nap”
“Just woke up, maybe I’ll take a bath”
“Fresh and clean, will go shopping later”
“I am at the mall right now! Geez, I can’t believe there is a sale here!”
“Fitting a nice dress now, so love it!”

Maybe you should start your autobiography or compile your statuses. Using your Facebook as an open book diary is a bit over the line. This absolutely deserves a spot in the worst or most annoying way of using your Facebook

Unlimited selfie 18 times a day 24/7. Yeah, it is annoying that every day you have to change your profile pic about 7 times or post a selfie every hour even wearing the same clothes, and no variety of what so ever. We definitely know that you are lovely at any angle: upside down, right side, left side and even back side (what?).

The HashTagger. #why #do #you #have #to #hashtag #everything? #even #the #irrelevant #stuff ? #personally #i #hate #this #one. #hashtaggerhater

The Ranter and the Whiner. This one has this secret storage of hatred hidden inside that he/she can’t stop it from pouring out. He/she complains about everything: About the government, his work, his boss, his friend, his family, his cat, his shoes, his face. Life has a lot of negativity, kindly don’t share yours that much.

“Why the president is…”
“I hate my mother, she is always”
“Why do I have to be poor?”
“I hate my life”

The annoying spamming advertisers and like beggars and chain messages. Seriously, I hated this one. Imagine having 27 messages a day containing these

“Hi, Please like my status”
“Hi, can you like my pic?”
“Selling Laptops at very low prices click this”
“If you don’t send this to people, your poop will turn blue”
“Can you click this link, and like the pic?”

There you have the idea.
The Humungous Big Head. I am not talking about Percy Weasley. (Sorry for the HP reference) I am talking about the insufferable braggers out there. I guess it is their lifetime dream to make envy and jealous (like we care?).

“Guess who bought a brand new….. BICYCLE!”
“I got in to moron ACADEMY!”
“Look at that muscles.. yeah look at that, do you that? “Looks nice right?
“I have my new BAE!!! (Seriously, do you know what bae means?)
“I am so thankful that I got this house, this car, a nice cellphone, and lots of money”
“I am in a luxurious restaurant! (With matching food image)

The poser and the hacker. These two deserves a spot here. Posers are the ones who are faking their profile just to have “fans” using others images and identity. They are congesting the server with all those fake accounts. And hackers of course, you will hate them if they got you.