There have been many a times that some app has failed miserably just because of the design, though the app in itself was good enough. Designing of the app and user interface are two things that seem to be the major draw for any app to become successful. If you want to come out with any app, then make sure that the app looks good and is easy to use.

Yes, of course the content is important, but these two are the traffic puller. So once you have the people downloading your app and they are in the app, then the content will take it from there. The cricket apps that are available at the moment have done just that. They have designed the app well and the user interface is simple to use with loads of features stuffed into the app so that the user never gets bored of the app.


Social integration, which is a must nowadays, without which no app is believed to complete is also part of these cricket app. Therefore, if you like something on the app then there are easy sharing buttons that will help you to share that piece of information on Facebook and twitter. You just have to click here in the top corner where the icons are there to start sharing.

Several features make the apps popular
So, what to expect out of the cricket app? You will be made available with option of favorites where you can add any particular content to your favorites and read that later offline. Moreover, when you are going through the several comments that have been posted in regards to some article and you want to add your comment too then it can be done right from your phone.


When smartphones are doing the rounds then it is quite obvious that you will love to have news that is mobile friendly. If it is difficult to read the news on your mobile then what the use of the app is therefore everything is made mobile friendly. You can make use of enhanced search option to get the details you want. The excerpt or glossary or even the quiz is designed to suit the taste of the enthusiast as well as the novice.

Nobody will feel out of place with these cricket apps.
It has an auto refresh as well, therefore when any run is scored therefore it becomes easy for the app to provide ball by ball update to its users. The user interface is refined and shortcut tray is also available so that you don’t have to wander around to play the app at a go.


The most interesting part is that in case if you feel that it is not the refreshed information that you have on your screen then you can simply shake your phone and it will automatically get refreshed. The player profile that is in there in the app is an enhanced one so you can be rest assured about one thing and that is you will have all the information that you want about your favourite player.