best people search engines

Did you know that there are no laws prohibiting people search engines from displaying your data to anyone on the internet? The amount of data depends entirely on you. If you don’t use any social media and like to be as detached from the net as possible, you probably don’t leave a large digital footprint.

If you are, however, active on a lot of different media platforms and like to regularly update your info, chances are a lot of people can see that as well. But what if you’re the one conducting the search? Perhaps you need to get in touch with an old colleague or simply want to find the address of a distant family relative. Well, here are five of the best people search engines allowing you to do just that.

#1. CheckThem
A relatively new platform which is growing in popularity by the hour. Praised for its effectiveness and ease of use, really is the one-stop website for all your online tracking needs. If you have to use just one people search website then this is it. It’s got everything you need, including a wide variety of records present in a very understandable way. There’s even the possibility of narrowing a search down to a single state.

#2. Google
Although Google ditched their massive specialized search directory a few years ago when people started complaining about violation of privacy and take down requests where flying left and right, you can still use this popular search engine to track down people. Google is still viable thanks to its incredible flexibility and range of options. You can use extra search parameters that are available only with Google and no other small search engine.

#3. Spock
Spock relies heavily on several sources and aggregation to cultivate as much info as it possibly can. It uses an indexing system to classify information from different news outlets and social media, but boasts a range of other useful features as well. One of the options is email notifications, which is extremely useful if you’re constantly on your mobile and don’t spend that much time in front of the PC or a laptop. You can even subscribe to RSS feeds for the specific search.

#4. 123people
A lot of people like 123people because it’s easy to use and, perhaps more importantly, has been proven to be extremely effective. This is an advanced people search engine boasting advanced features and a complicated sorting algorithm. It search and scavenges blogs and public records to find all of the info available before presenting it to you. It too, like Spock, features an email notification feature. Every time a specific result of a search changes, it will alert you in real time via email.

Although these are by no means the only people search engines available on the market, they rank among the best. Our favorite is CheckThem, and it’s the one we recommend you try out first.