Do you have a doubt about social media platform and still confuse that they really surprise you by developing your brand image? Well, believe it or not, here we got some facts that show social media as a huge platform used for brand development.

Facebook is the most visited website that has 56% daily user logins. There are about 53% of people who recommend products and companies on Twitter. Youtube has over 800 million active users (18-40 years age group) who spend their 15 minutes on an average per day on it. Pinterest is a new back linking site in which people share images and pin them on their account. They spend usually 89 minutes a month on Pinterest. What next is Google 1+ button which is used 5 billion times a day! LinkedIn users spend 21 minutes a week and more than 5 million images are shared on Instagram per day on an average.

It is equally important to update your social media pages to reach more audience every day. You need to make people engage by commenting and replying on the posts as soon as possible. Another way is to publish FAQs from which viewers will get their answers without contacting support desk.

Human Interest Stories are Advisable

A well scripted article post can drive traffic to your social media sites if you have selected a human interest topic. Write in a way that it won’t hurt any sentiments or feelings of a person. Try to be funnier wherever possible as funny jokes and images are first shared by viewers. Be an entertainer!

Relevant NEWS Stories

It makes no sense of posting tech news in a beauty blog unless the technology is related to beauty and glamor world. Be specific with your style to get relevant clicks.

Ad and Promotion Campaigns

Promotion offers cost effective and long term branding strategies. You need to keep your audience engaged by using videos, pictures and contents. The barrier to security has been removed by online security norms and people have started buying products online. You can also take other media help- TV, radio, newspapers as their impact is last longer.

About Author: Sandeep is working as Microsoft BI Developer at Aegis Soft Tech – Microsoft Business Intelligence software Development Company.