The best thing about the progress in technology is the fact that you no longer have to resort to massive pieces of equipment to ensure you get the best results. This shrinkage in size, as we have come to see lately, no more affects anything on the performance front. In that light, while once upon a time you could only conjure up an image of massive concert-grade speakers whenever you thought about a good audio outlet, the modern day units aren’t only smaller, but also extremely efficient. So we have compiled this post with the best bookshelf speakers that you can buy in 2017.

What are Bookshelf Speakers?

Truth be told, the names of these speakers that we are in the process of discussing here are somewhat misleading. They don’t demand being placed on a bookshelf but instead perform better when placed on an open platform, such as a table. However, the bookshelf speakers have been given such a name because of their size. Measuring anywhere between 6 to 14 inches in general, the best bookshelf speakers deliver only the best in audio experience that was once thought to be relegated to massive structures that we called speakers.

Now we arrive at the question of the moment that must be plaguing you. It is true that the best audio equipment may set you back by thousands of dollars. However, there are some incredible options you can get your hands on for as less as under $500. Below we have our list of the best bookshelf speakers of 2017, which we have picked after careful consideration of audio quality, ease of set up, connectivity, and, of course, price. Do take a look.

The Best Bookshelf Speakers You Can Buy

KEF Q300B Bookshelf Loudspeakers: While most of us are tempted to think that technology and a budget pricing are mutually exclusive, that is not the case at all times. The KEF Q300B bookshelf speakers are some of the best you can expect from similarly priced products anywhere. Measuring at around 14 inches tall, they make the perfect companions for your personal set up. The build is sturdy, and the midrange- one of the trickiest things to get right- sounds perfect. The only thing you will compromise on is the bass, but that is easily rectifiable.

ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5″ Bookshelf Speakers: If we are asked to pick a pair of compact, yet powerful bookshelf speakers that are hard to beat, regardless of their price, we will go for the ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5″ Bookshelf Speakers with our eyes closed. Designed by Andrew  Jones, these speakers offer some of the best sounds that you will come across, and not just for the price they come. This makes the ELAC B6 Debut not only the best bookshelf speakers on a budget but a worthy contestant all around.

Wharfedale Diamond 220: Hands down one of the best bookshelf speakers that you can get for under $500, the glowing recommendations that you will come across any audiophile-related forums stand testament to its popularity. And for good reason too. Sporting a beautiful, robust build, the Wharfedale Diamond 220 delivers an unparalleled audio experience that you only associate with units that cost well above a grand.

Wrap Up

If you wish to upgrade your sound system to something truly audiophile grade, but don’t want to be left broke in the aftermath, then our list of the best bookshelf speakers should egg you on in your quest. Let us know after your purchase which ones you ended up buying.