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Friday, December 14, 2018
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Make Your Home Safe and Secure With The Best Cable For House Wiring

Can you imagine any electrical connection in your home without wires? No right? House wires are some of the most common items we see around us. It is known to us that use of poor quality housing wires can lead to unwanted safety issues. Let us check out some of the essential properties which house wires India must possess-

Points Remembered By Cable Manufacturers India For Quality Cable Manufacturing Process

  • Flexible to adopt to various electrical conditions. Be it normal current flow, emergency or short circuit, house wires should be able to retain its shape under different conditions. These should be able to sustain the insulation.
  • Water proof to be able to be used both under dry and humid environmental conditions. The house wires India should come with a good sheath to prevent entry of water into the wires as when water and electricity comes in contact, this may led to short circuits.
  • Great capacity to transmit data in large amount and in less time. This kind of house wires are generally used for telephones and data wiring. The wires need to be low voltage and of high quality.
  • Eco Friendly to save the surroundings from smoke in case these is a fire. Insulated house wires reduce the emission of toxic gases.

Cable Manufacturers India Explains About Their Manufacturing Process of Wires To Use in House For Better Safety and Security

Types of house wires India There are different kinds of house wires available in the market which can fulfil the diverse requirements of the households. Let us checkout some of the most used ones-

FR PVC insulated wires- These wires come with an additional sheath or layer which ascertains that insulation is maintained to the optimum level. These are single core rounded cable wires which can be used for internal wiring at domestic and commercial buildings.

The prime features of these wires are
  1. Outstanding electrical and mechanical properties.
  2. Resistant to both extreme heat and cold and hence do not deform.
  3. Fire retardant and can be used to pass high voltage current.
  4. Flexible and hence available in different customized designs to suit user requirements.

FRLS PVC house wires
These cable wires do not have an additional external sheath and can also be used for internal wiring at residential and commercial projects. These are best used for concealed wiring.

The prime features of this kind of house wire are-

  • Fire retardant and resistant to electrical shocks.
  • Resistance to humidity and hence are water proof.
  • Low maintenance and in turn low cost with less needs of wear and tear.

ZHFR house wires
This kind of house wires India are made from zero halogen materials. These cabling wires are free from PVC and are considered to be environment friendly. These are generally used in basements, theatres, schools, high rise residential and commercial buildings because,

  • These are resistance to extreme heat and hence do not catch fire easily.
  • Do not emit harsh and harmful gases even when there is a short circuit. This keeps people safe from respiratory problems even when there is fire. This kind of house wires are extremely useful in tunnels and in underground rooms.

Last but not the least; house wires India can be easily identified with their colors- hot wires are generally available in different colors while the neutral and ground house wires are always of the same color.

  • Black is the color of the wire which carries the current from the source to the outlet. This is the color of the hot wire.
  • White identifies the wire which returns the current to the power source. This refers to the neutral wire.
  • Green or bare copper wire is used for earthing purpose and hence is the ground wire.

So whatever many be your need; from meter boxes to electrician tools, from junction boxes to domestic bells, from air coolers to geysers, from fans to LED lights, get the best house wires India to ensure utmost safety to yourself and your loved ones.

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