Wires and Cables

Cable Manufacturer IndiaBrands have for long dominated the market in almost every sector. Whether it is apparel, furnishing, toys, and a popular brand name will immediately crop up in your mind. While these are popular consumer sectors, the commercial sectors like electrical accessories, wires and cables, etc. are not aloof from the brand consciousness. In some sectors, brands are preferred because of the quality they offer and in some it is just a matter of ostentation.

This blog will discuss the brand power or to say compare popular global wires & cables manufacturers with not so popular manufacturers. The intent is to compare how major section of consumers rely on local manufacturers and how on the other hand, brands manage to continuously increase their revenues and fight the odds.

Innovation and Promotion
One of the USPs of popular brands is the innovation. Stylish and creative products that have the required safety and also glamour are preferred world over. This is where branded wires & cables manufacturers take an edge over local competitors. The R&D is strong and a new range is available frequently. The brands also have the revenues and network to promote their innovative and new range every now and then making them popular.

Local Stronghold
The local wires & cables manufacturers have a stronghold in their respective areas. They usually dominate a market or segment by supplying the necessary products in a particular area. It would be wrong to say that the brands do not have presence in this market but usually the demand and supply cycle is not as frequent with brands in these areas as with the local manufacturers.

Difference in Pricing
It is a known fact that the prices of branded goods are usually higher than the local goods. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons. Without delving into these reasons, the crux is that price plays an important role in consumer choice of goods. This is where local wires & cables manufacturers get an edge. Their good are not subjected to heavy taxation and duties unlike branded goods and this benefits the local manufacturers.

Quality and Safety
When you think of electrical equipment and accessory, quality and safety is the top most concern. In different countries, consumers look for safety marks to ensure that the product is tested and meets the safety criteria. Brands get an edge in this case because of their known adherence to safety regulations. Local manufacturers are also legally bound to adhere to these guidelines but the genuineness is often doubtful in many cases.

The aspects discussed above differentiate the products offered by branded and non-branded wires and cables manufacturers. There are other pointers as well. Like guarantee and warranty of products.

Most brands offer warranty in case of manufacturing defects whereas local manufacturers do not because the cost of the product might be negligible. To conclude, brands offer some perks over non-brands; however, the local manufacturers win the battle when it comes to ruling the parameters that play a vital role in customer selection.