A Word about Digital Promotion
The celebrated boons of the advancement in Science and Technology has not only simplified the assorted genres of human life but also left remarkable impact on the same. In context of the fast pace of life in the 21st century, a special mention must be made of the ‘Internet’ and its undeniable role in making human lives faster and more convenient. Though there are an uncountable number of ways in which the Internet has proved a blessing so far, Digital Promotion stands out to be one of the most pronounced ones.

Plebeians, who are not too much acquainted with the term ‘Digital Promotion,’ can comprehend it to be an advertisement or promotion of a specific business or organization through the medium of the Internet and its various forms. It assists a business or an organization to establish its foothold in the market, create brand awareness and build up an image of professionalism. Mostly, it is done with the aid of custom banners, brochures, roll ups, letterheads, signs, videos, low cost premiums etc. for reaching out to multiple targeted market niches and acquiring desirable results (Source- Wikipedia).

Scope of Digital Promotion in the Cinematic World
Starting from small scale self-funded projects to the biggest blockbusters across the globe, the entire cinematic world today has embraced the use of social media for promotion. The implication behind giving high order of priority to social media is to reach out to the maximum possible public and increase the number of targeted audience to the best extent possible. In a world with over-exploding population, it is very obvious that a movie which becomes a name of the hour gets the highest acclaim and acknowledgement. As such, every movie prior to its official release adheres to different modes of Digital Promotion to get the maximum catch. In fact, a careful study of all the recent hit movies across the world suggests the robust media campaigns run by each one of them.

Baahubali- An Indian Movie of Highest Exaltation
A very recent Indian movie that has left its powerful sway all over the cinematic world across the globe with its overwhelming success story is Baahubali. ‘Baahubali: The Beginning,’ directed by S. S. Rajamouli and produced by Prasad Devineni and Shobu Yarlagadda, is a bilingual Indian fiction movie that happens to be a historic epic as well. The movie is the first part of the two cinematic divisions of the entire story of Baahubali and was initially launched in Telegu and Tamil and later dubbings were made in Malayalam, Hindi and French.

The movie owns the crown of being the costliest production that Indian Cinema has witnessed till date and the outstanding acceptance of the movie by the audience has done justice to the enormous expenses borne for production by fetching elephantine revenues. The movie has to its records the highest gross inaugural for an Indian movie at the box office with earnings of 50 crore and above (Source- Wikipedia).


Baahubali Shatters Former Records of Digital Promotion
The release of Baahubali couldn’t have been bigger than what it has actually been. S.S. Rajamouli’s high budgeted period action movie was officially released worldwide on 10th July, 2015 at around 4000 screens. No wonder, the movie is being considered as India’s answer to Hollywood periods like Ben-Hur, Gladiator, Troy and 300 (Source-The Hindu). As evident from Baahubali’s highest gross inaugural revenue records at the Indian box office, it can be discerned well that the producers of the movie have undertaken sincere endeavors for its promotion.

In an entirely digitalized world, nothing could have been more persuasive to the audience than a poster that measures 50,000 sq ft. If you are still dumbstruck with the dimension, then it is for your good knowledge that the largest poster of Baahubali indeed measured around 50,000 sq ft. The entire team of S.S. Rajamouli was aiming to create a new world record with this largest poster of the movie by shattering the previous set records in the Guiness Book and Limca Book of World Records; a ceremonial unveiling of the poster was witnessed by the entire cast as well as crew of the movie at an event conducted in Cochin in Kerala. The record held by a poster of 32,000 sq. feet was successfully washed away by Baahubali’s poster of 50,000 sq. ft. Now, the poster has got official confirmation from the Guiness Book for setting the new record (Source-The Deccan Chronicle).


There have been extensive discussions throughout the nation and worldwide about the achievement of the largest poster of Baahubali and its setting up of new world records ever since its release. However, hardly a few ponder on the fact that would this have been possible without the existence and advancements of Digital Promotion today! A poster equating 4,793.65 m2  in area (Source-IBN Live) could possibly never have been possible without the blessings of digitalization. Baaahubali through its largest poster has undoubtedly proved the significance of digitalized promotion and marketing for prospective business houses across the nation and abroad. The trend set by Rajamouli and his team will be embraced henceforth by many who desire to excel in their respective business ventures.

India beholds the title of possessing one of the largest film industries across the world and S.S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali has made Indian film industry proud beyond words. Baahubali’s lavish production and promotion strategies are what that has made it a grand success. The most impressive aspect of the movie and its inexplicable success is that it has been successful in transcending all limits of regional boundaries and showcasing a Pan-India appeal on the whole. In a nation of ‘Unity in Diversity,’ the initiative of coming up with a movie that binds all communities together is highly commendable. Time will pass away in its full swing but what will remain as a vivid recollection in hundreds and thousands of movie freak minds are Baahubali and its largest poster of 50,000 sq ft!