Cleaning plays a significant role in preventing possible health issues. Most of the health issues are mostly caused by germs that directly affect the body. This thing needs to be taken care of in almost all the areas that you regularly interact with.

Things, closest to you, are the smart devices like tablet, smartphones and especially your laptop. For obvious reasons, you can need to keep the liquid away when it comes to cleaning these devices but cleaning them is also very important. In that case, there are few things you need to keep in mind while cleaning your electronic devices. So let’s delve in;

Unplug or Eject the External Peripheral Devices:
For obvious reasons, electronic devices are quite sensitive to liquid. So before you head on with any laptop cleaning stuff, make sure to remove all the peripherals especially the storage devices. If it’s not done properly, the exposure to moisture can then cause issues that will either lead to data corruption or will permanently degrade the storage capabilities of the device.

Turn Off:
Well it might sound quite understood but people don’t usually do that. Instead, they simply lock the system while the programs are running in the backend. Make sure to turn off the laptop before you start cleaning it as it will reduce the danger of electrostaticity.

Use Blower:
This is truly the most convenient way to reach the places where your eyes and hands can’t. Moreover, since its air, it’s not going to harm your laptop.

Disinfecting Wipes:
Just apparently getting rid of dust or dirt is not enough, you need to disinfect that surface on the laptop as well. In that case, it’s better to use the disinfecting wipes that will not only help you clean all the dust but also will also make the disinfecting easier for you.

It’s not just dos when it comes to laptop cleaning, there are a few don’ts as well since you are dealing with the sensitive electronic device. So let’s check out some don’ts as well;

Disinfecting Wipes Must not Contain the Bleach:
Although bleach is an effective cleaning solution but for Laptop, it’s too much than it can handle. So just make sure the disinfecting wipes that you use for cleaning must not contain bleach in it. Ironically, bleach can cause the permanent discoloration and may even damage the hardware.


Disinfectant Wipe should be Moderately Damp:
How much damp wipe you should is also very important? Make sure that the disinfectant wipes is not excessively damp as too much moisture can damage the electronic device. So just squeeze and remove the excess liquid in case you stumble upon an excessively damp wipe before cleaning.

Don’t use the rough texture towel or Cloths to Dry Laptop:
Did you know that the rough texture cloth or towel are most likely to scratch or even the surface of the laptop. Obviously, swank does have a great importance when you use the branded laptop and this entire elegance can get affected by some little scratches. Moreover, along with giving an unpleasant look these scratches will also be very difficult to clean ahead.

So the next time, whenever you ask yourself How to Clean a Laptop, so just keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

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