If you want to stay in touch with friends and family constantly, instant messaging should be your thing. What many may not know is how instant messaging is used by companies to deliver better standards of customer support. Customer support is extremely important for any business to flourish and grow. Now, people can offer assistance with the help of phone calls and chats directly by IM through Smartphones or computers.

To know how a business can flourish in this technology-oriented society, you will have to understand how internet has influenced us. With the help of live support on instant messaging, a business can develop immensely. Some of the main reasons how it can be useful are mentioned below.

Delivering Information Easily and Quickly
Operators can make use of instant messaging to reply to messages through live chat present in the website for the sole purpose of assistance. This will help in building trust with the customers and allowing them a quicker solution to their queries and dilemmas.

Real-time Communication
When your business is oriented online, your means of communication is bound to change with your customers. One good thing about online ecommerce is that these customers will want their concerns and questions to be addressed instantly. To increase the efficiency of customer support you can try having a single control centre where the customers can be directed to separate IM widget to solve problems of different divisions.

To convey important information and updates to customers instantly, many companies send an online text message to reach the mobile phones directly without the need of an active internet connection in the customer’s part.

Increasing the Security
Many of the IM enterprises have the feature which allows messages and conversations to be recorded. To safeguard and monitor any type of business sensitive data, this feature is highly reliable. It canbe useful in legal issues as well.

Emergency Communication
In case of emergencies like delayed transaction and failed orders, customers tend to panic which will require the customer support team to be right by their side instantly. You would definitely not want a disgruntled customer waiting to connect to your staff to convey their concern. In such cases, IM plays a very important role by letting the communication smoother and quick.

Reducing Phone Bills
Instant messaging has helped a lot by reducing phone bills. Instant messaging requires an internet connection through which you can stay connected on live chat or make phone calls to customers directly at times of need. The prices are much cheaper compared to what has to be paid for making phone calls. This has tremendously helped businesses save money.

Increasing Efficiency
When the response time is immediate to service request, it is not only reducing the wait time, but also lets you resolve the problem from a much more closer perspective. You will be able to track the problems and schedule follow-up contacts if necessary. It on an average helps in increasing the efficiency overall.

Instant messaging has completely changes the dimension of client relations. Using it wisely with tact can take a long way to grow a business in the long-run.