If you are planning to buy s new refrigerator for your home in Brisbane, this article is worth reading for you. We have combined the most essential elements in this list which you need to take care of while purchasing s fridge. A fridge is an important electrical appliance in your home which requires regular fridge repair services in Australia. However, let’s first look at the list of basic requirements to consider while buying a fridge.

Size and type of fridge

When it comes to deciding on the size of the fridge, you should keep in mind the people to be using your fridge and the area of your household. Usually, experts go for suggesting large standard size fridges as they are more energy efficient. You can also talk to your dealer regarding this and get a clearer idea.

Coming to the type of fridge you need to buy, here are some specific fridge types with their pros and cons highlighted. Decide on your own what you want!

1. Top Mount Fridge (Freezer on the top)

If you are a person concerned about the price, efficiency, range and value of a fridge, top mount suits you best.


  • Cheapest in terms of price and operations
  • Broad range to select from


  • You have to bend down to reach the fridge

2. Bottom Mount Fridge (Freezer on the bottom)

It is a convenient option especially for people having back pain problems.


  • Designed logically – the most important part is right in front of your eyes
  • Freezer has slide-out baskets
  • Growing variety and rage


  • Expensive than top mount refrigerators
  • Slower cooling process

3. Side-by-side fridge (Fridge and freezer next to each other)

For its large space and additional features, it is the best choice of large families. You can also get it in categories of commercial fridges in Brisbane.


  • Additional features of water and ice dispensers available
  • Large storage capacity


  • Water chillers consume most of freezer space
  • Occupies a larger space of your house
  • Inconsistent cooling temperature

Features you need the most in your fridge

Ice and water dispenser

  • Having a water dispenser outside the door safes energy consumption due to frequent opening and closing of fridge
  • Though a nice feature when added in your fridge but in some varieties they come as an additional expense
  • Dispensers are a supportive feature for both domestic and commercial refrigerators. Most commercial fridges in Brisbane come with water and ice dispensers as they are exposed to continuous opening and closing.

Temperature controls

  • You should look for separate temperature controls because a single temperature setting will restrict you to adjust any one of the two compartments (fridge and freezer) without affecting the other.
  • You can choose a fridge which has defrost management to support different conditions.
  • There are fridges which ring a warning bell if justify open for long or not properly closed.
  • You will find refrigerators with 24 hour memory facility which helps pre cool the appliance before heavy use.


  • Ensure the door opens in the right direction to your kitchen. Some models come with reversible doors.
  • The handles shouldn’t be very low or very high. Remember, a demo fridge in the showroom will open much easily than the one plugged in.

Like any other electrical appliance, your refrigerator also requires proper maintenance at regular intervals. Do not avoid calling an expert for fridge repair in Brisbane or else you would end up reducing its longevity and proper working. Some expert service providers also offers both fridge and air conditioner repair and maintenance services. You can reduce your expenses by having both of the services together from the same service provider.