Money has never come easy except when it reaches your palms by luck, by charity, or by evil means. To gather great amount of wealth means tireless nights and earnest dedication. Same applies to business and marketing. You just don’t offer services or present products to the public. You sell it in the most convincing and assuring way possible to gain the client’s trust and increase chances of more business transactions in the future. In the current trend of marketing, social media is now an effective and efficient avenue in presenting and selling products.

Since most people check their social media accounts more often, there are more opportunities for your advertised product to be seen and probably be circularized by word of mouth.

Guide To Facebook Ads Manager
Guide To Facebook Ads Manager

A popular social media site is Facebook. With around 1.23 billion users that are active monthly, 945 million mobile users, and 757 million daily users, it indeed raises the scope of marketing and business in a whole new level. Through Facebook, you can exhibit your brand globally. Once your advertisement gets thousands of likes and a web of shares, fortune in untold digits shall welcome you in your very own doorstep. The more the views, likes, and shares your Facebook advertisement gets, the more popular it is and the more recent it shows. Of course, there is a specific amount to pay for the promotion of business or brand on Facebook but it is a worthy investment knowing that you have billions of potential customers waiting in just one advertisement.

The reward in having a high reach and traffic of your business on Facebook is immense and limitless but the journey is steep, uncertain, and backbreaking. You can indeed proclaim to the entire world that you are selling that product, but you are not the only person dreaming to be an instant billionaire through social media. It is you against every businessman in the world who, like you, tried their luck on the social media advertisement strategy. Competitive and intimidating as it seems, but it is the truth so better pull all the cards to win this game of popularity and views.

There are of course some tips and walkthroughs on how to optimize your advertisement to get many views of your fan page or group page. There are many marketing strategies that expert businessmen and SEO consultants have suggested especially for the year 2015. Some of the gimmicks that would definitely click are the following;

How To Use Facebook Ads For Contents
How To Use Facebook Ads For Contents

Bulls-eye to target

Know your target customers. The world is too wide to hold in the palms of your hands. Just take what you really need and those that are essential. Once you have narrowed down your potential customers, your goal will automatically be specified. The more accurate your target audience is, the easier it is to develop advertisements that will gain the interest of your audience.

Be Recent

Always be updated. The world is continuously updating and mobilizing itself for development so it’s really important to put a spice of being modern on your advertisements.

Why Digital Signage Promotion is King
Why Digital Signage Promotion is King

The more the merrier

As a businessman, every opportunity to advertise and show your product is vital so do not be satisfied of having only one social media account for your brand. Create accounts on some other famous social media sites such as twitter, tumbler, and etc. The more accounts that the customers avail, the higher the chance for a probable sale, since it would build your credibility and would give the impression that your business is indeed well established.

Bring it home

If your business has many shops and branches, advertise. At least have a signage of the social media accounts that you manage.


Advertisement in Facebook goes by schedule. You must know when your target customers are often online and strike there. Your advertisement won’t be very much effective if it can’t reach its bulls-eye.


Once a customer tries to communicate, entertain. You will gain the image of being a customer-friendly brand. The more you entertain the queries and some questions of your customers, the more they feel that they are appreciated and are given importance. By this, they will most probably patronize your product.

Socialize and Hang out

Identify the groups your target customers would most likely visit. Be a part of their group and hang out there. After some good conversations, you could plug your brand.

There are many other effective tips and marketing strategies that you can apply in your Facebook advertisements. Just keep in mind that the world is not stagnant water, but rather an ocean under a tempest.