The small scale businesses work hard to attract local attention and improve their online visibility. And they use different ways to do this. One of the best ways to improve the online visibility of your website is to use Google’s Local Pack.

Does the term “Google’s Local Pack” sound familiar? Maybe not! It is probably because the term is also known by many other names like Map Pack and Snack Pack. The use of Google pack can highly benefit you with your small scale business’s success.

So what exactly is Google’s Local Pack?

Google’s Local Pack is simply the local search results that you find on the first page of Google, related to your query. Whenever you put a query linked to something that is local, Google will come up with three local businesses to help you with your query.

The local pack by Google used to be a 7 item pack earlier and used to display 7 most popular businesses in the locality. But now, 7 have been cut down to 3, and a few other changes have also been incorporated in the algorithm. As a result,local ranking of businesses also witness a change.

Why care about the local Pack?
Although, you may think that the local pack is just a pack, it actually holds great value when you want to advertise your business locally. According to Google, when someone searches for something in the search engine and the search has that local essence, the local -3 pack appears in the number one spot of the search results page, in 93% of the cases.

There are many other reasons why you should be using Google’s local pack. One of the biggest reasons is, 50% of the consumers who carries out a local search, visit the stores prescribed by Google pack, that too immediately. And almost 18% of thesepeople buy products the same day. Another survey says that –

  • Among the users, 44% clicks on the local pack.
  • 8% of the users choose to search for more local results.
  • 29% of the users opt for organic search results.
  • 19% of the users click on the paid results.


How can you rank your business highon the Google Pack?

The Google’s local-3 pack takes a lot and lot of factors into account while displaying the chosen results. The algorithm involved is, however, extremely confusing and not everyone is able to crack the mystery. But then again, experts say that there are three factors that are very crucial in this regard – Website SEO, Business Information, and online reviews. Although, Website SEO and Business information can be easily handled by SEO companies, online reviews are completely based on the service provided by the business.

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