What is Pigments? How it Makes Your Paint Work!

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If you don’t like the thing, you paint over it! Paint has true power to change things. Pigment manufacturers India is the fixed source for paint industry to collect different pigments to make their products work. You can simply brighten up a room with a colorful painting. Do you really have an idea about the thing that makes paint work? What chemicals or substances are included by paint and what they actually do?

Understand the product – Paint
Paint is much more than a color coating. It is a protection provided to your home walls, machines, furniture, and a lot of other stuff. You don’t only use paint to color or to make things look better. Paint manufacturers have brought a technology that will protect your home walls from dust, sunlight, and rain from outside. People use paint on cars and bicycles partly to make them look different, but they know that this paint will also add extra protection to metal and make it resistant to corrosion. Even airplanes and space shuttles are coated with specialized paint that protects the structure when air, rushing past at high speed, develops heat and friction.

What is the composition of paint?
There are three key components used for making any paint – pigment, binder, and solvent. Other than these substances, number of additives is also included in preparation of paint to enhance the properties in several ways, depending on where and how it’s going to be applied.

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Pigment is the color chemical used for preparing paint. Traditionally, metal compounds or salts are applied to form distinct colors. For instance, titanium dioxide is used for making white paint, and iron oxide is used for making yellow, red, brown or orange paint. Different pigments are mixed together to create paint of your choice.

Since pigments are solid and cannot be used alone to paint surfaces, binders are used. Binders glue the pigment particles to one another, and make them stick to the surface you want to color.

While mixing the pigment with binder, you will get a thick gloopy substance that cannot be easily spread over the surface. This is why solvents are made to make the pigment and binder into a thinner and more flowing liquid. After mixing the solvents to the pigment and binder mixture, the paint can be easily spread over the surface. Once the paint dries, the solvent evaporates into the air and leave the paint evenly applied and dried.

Pigment Manufacturers India is making distinct range of pigments for distinct purposes. You can talk to them to gain more related information on the subject.

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