Loving oneself may sound easy but often hard to do. Those who have self love are lucky because they have the thing that they need to face life and find true happiness. There are self love quotes, books and articles that can help you on how to love yourself.

Why is it important to have self love? It’s important to have this because this is where you will get your confidence in reaching your dream and being who you want to be. Loving yourself doesn’t mean over confidence or being boastful. It means embracing your positive as well as negative sides and developing your pluses to become better while changing your deltas, but only those which you can control.

You also need to accept the things that are out of your hands but never give up in becoming better. Don’t limit yourself to what you can and can’t do. Keep trying because it’s only then that you will know the answer. Even if the result is something you didn’t expect, it’s the effort you exerted and road you traveled that is more important.

Search for self love quotes to inspire and motivate you in learning to love yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Make it a habit to find something that you’re good at or something good about you. Look in the mirror every morning and compliment yourself. Hearing positive words can make you feel good and little by little, you will learn to appreciate yourself because of the good traits that you have.


You can start collecting self love quotes, articles or stories about self love that will uplift your soul and encourage you to love yourself. It’s easy to find these quotes. If you have computer and Internet connection, you can find several of these online for free.

Just like other quotes, “self love quotes” can be found on books, magazines and online. You can purchase books of quotes on bookstores or search for free quotes on the Internet using your web browser. Aside from quotes, you may also find articles, which talk about self love. One of the most popular self love quotes is “learn to love yourself first.” These words are simple to understand.


But the truth is, most people are having hard time doing this. People often try to be nice and show affection to others. This is not a bad thing, as everyone needs to have good relationships with other people. However, in doing this, most of the time they tend to forget themselves. There should always be an “I” in your world. You can’t live your life for others alone. You will not be able to give true love if you don’t have it in yourself

Get two, three or several self love quotes each day and put them on a notebook to serve as your quotes collection. Read these quotes to remind yourself that you to be loved by you.

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