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Social Media has changed the way companies connect with their customers. Companies worldwide are warming up social media tools that can help enhance their brand value among their target audience. Social media is an ever changing market with new trends shaping up every year.

Entering this year some of the latest trends that have caught the attention of marketers are social listening, social advertising, data-based marketing, pictures as a marketing tool, social media integration with business, social data as a guide to the future of relationship intelligence and engaging online and offline mediums for customer engagement.

Social listening is a trend that has gathered huge attention among companies who are looking for new and effective ways to connect with their target audience. This year 24% of the marketers are planning to use social listening to directly listen to their customer’s concerns.

Around 31% of the brands who have used social listening believe that it is fully effective. Using social media listening, brands will now listen, understand and respond quickly and strategically to consider queries and thoughts. Social listening is a trend that is believed to one of the key strategies that brands are adopting to increase their customer connect to increase brand resonance.


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