Managed VPS hosting services

One of the primary benefits of the shared hosting is that it is a fully managed platform. However, after a certain stage with increase in traffic, you must consider top upgrade to the VPs hosting which is almost similar in expense but offers superior features including better privacy, enhanced reliability, total control, and dedicated resources.

managed VPS hostingYou could choose the Managed VPS Hosting Services which in addition to the above referred attributes gives you the freedom to focus on your core business without the additional burden of the technical aspects of the server. The service comes at a higher fee. What is managed hosting and how it differs from self-managed hosting:

Managed VPS hosting services means that your web hosting company will take complete management of your VPS server and other applications. The significant benefits for you is you need not worry about the server management and other technical issues. It also gives your technical experts to focus on core business functionalities. In contrast, self-managed hosting is a service where the host takes responsibility of the maintenance of only the hardware and software that comes inbuilt with the server. Any additional service you require will be at a cost.

What you get in the managed VPS hosting service:
Your host will perform all the tasks that include

  • Installation of the server, choice of operating system ( Linux or Windows)
  • Setup of control panels generally Plesk for Windows servers and cPanel for Linux.
  • Data backup services as per your choice
  • Troubleshooting, reboots etc
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Software installation and updates
  • Deploying hardware and its maintenance
  • Security audits, server maintenance and monitoring.

Lower recurring costs:
When you opt for the managed VPS hosting service you will not have to hire a system administrator to manage your server. It will ease the burden on your technical experts. Managed services come in handy if you run a business that does not require technical expertise and you save from the need of hiring skilled staff.

New Technologies:
The hosts are better equipped professionally to keep your server up-to-date with the latest technologies that come out in the market. They commit to more than 99.95% server availability optimize the server to guarantee fast page uploads. They secure your service against D-DoS attacks, provide robust firewalls and antivirus solutions. Manage services can be scaled instantly. Since your host keeps a constant watch on your server, they can alert you when you are likely to run out of your resources and may require you to enhance your capacity be it space, RAM or CPU.

Dedicated Support:
When you buy the managed VPS hosting service, the providers offer proactive monitoring of the server and ensure there are no glitches that could hamper the performance.  The support team is available around the clock throughout the year to assist you in case you have any questions to be answered.

They will advise you to upgrade your server to manage increasing traffic so they you have a continuous availability and uninterrupted performance.