No one ignores the competitive exam since it is the bridge that connects you and your career. Jee Main is one of the toughest exams in India. However, the completion is getting increased every year. If you are looking for some tips to crack JEE main 2017, then you are at right place. Here are some prudent tips that help you crack the exam.

Pay attention in class
Paying attention in class might be the old techniques, but it will help you a lot during your exam. During class hours, your teacher probably gives some important hints. The more you absorb, you are more likely to hit an exam. Besides, it will save your time when you are about to study. So, sit on the front bench and start listening to the words of your teacher.

Take Good Notes
Taking good notes in a class room is really great for your studies. It not only helps you absorb the information but also helps to focus the points. Simply take a note and write down what the teacher says. At the same time, you should listen to the topics as well. Review your notes after home.

Study environment
Choose a study environment that is quiet and good. Keep away from the distractions so that you can focus the exam. Don’t keep the mobile phones with you as they will get you deviated. Before starting the preparation, just be sure that you have switched off the mobile phones, TV, and music.

Studying as a habit
It is common to see the students studying at last minute of the exam. It won’t you help you out in any regards. So, make studying as a part of your daily habit. You can practice, JEE advanced question paper. Alternatively, you can practice other previous year question paper, mock test and such things. You can study at least 3- 5 hours a day. Try choosing the different topics daily, and therefore you will love reading.


Take break
It is better to take the difficult subject when you are so relaxed. You can take 20 minutes break for every 1 hour of study. Enjoy reading the subjects with delicious snack and fruits. Take more glass of water.

Keep Motivated
In case of any completion exam, self-confidence is the first and foremost step to crack the exam. Self-Motivation is the key to build up the success. If you don’t get enough mark, then you can even study harder. Practice makes you perfect one day. But you should study hard and practice a lot of previous year question papers. You can practice JEE advanced question paper 2015 for better results.

Get the exam format
If you are unaware of the exam pattern, then just go and get it from your teacher or friends.  You can make an effective study plan according to the exam format. Further, you can ask the important questions, extra credit and much more.

These tips might help you during an exam. Study smart! Love your subjects, All the best for your exam.