Have you ever come across an over-speeding car, or have you have driven your car at a speed which more than the allowed limit? Well, this is a common scenario and is also a problematic one, especially for the traffic authorities.

There have been many measures adopted by traffic management authorities to control the traffic but with the increasing number of vehicles on road, it is difficult to manually keep a check on every vehicle thus, there is a need to introduce technology which can simplify this task.

Radar Speed Signs have become very prominent these days. With the advent of technology we now have Intelligent Traffic Management system which makes use of technology to control and manage the traffic. Radar Speed Signs are one such tool which are being used by authorities to indicate the speed limit.

Radar Speed Sign overview-
These are communicative signages which are illuminated with LED and  highlights the speed limit. They became very popular because of their compact size and customizability. You can use these signals to display speed limits, pictograms etc.

Radar speed signs work on the principle of Doppler effect. The signs have been programmed in a manner that it emits radio waves and calculate the speed on the basis of reflected radio waves coming from the passing vehicle.

All-in-all it’s a highly utilitarian product which has proven to be helpful to both the driver and the traffic management authorities.


Benefits of Radar Speed Signs

Educating the public
Well, the most common problem faced by people residing in residential areas is about the overspeeding vehicle. Driver feedback signs or radar speed limits have unexpectedly proven to be effective in correcting the driving behavior of the drivers. People welcome gentle reminders rather than police halting them and issuing tickets, thus, radar speed limits solves the dual purpose.

Faster response time
Traffic calming solutions like bumps or humps can alter the speed of the vehicles. This may not otherwise be very troublesome but in the case of ambulance or emergency, such alterations can sometimes prove to be fatal and hence, radar speed limit signs prove to effective, as they don’t occupy any extra space on road.

The most striking feature of the radar speed limit sign is that it is a highly cost-effective way of traffic management. We usually have traffic police officer working to control the traffic movements but these signages once placed and can solve the purpose without spending extra money.


Highly customizable product:
These signages are highly customizable. They can be mounted on top of the truck and can be portably used to monitor the speed. This also removes the geographical barrier problem.

The best part about radar speed limit sign is that they are very compact in size which makes them add to the aesthetic beauty of the place. These signs look sleek and good, they can be ordered with custom poles in aluminium or black colour which enhances the beauty of the place where they are mounted.

It won’t be wrong to say that radar speed limit signs prove to be highly effective in controlling the traffic movement and also positively influencing the drivers to slow down their speed.