Effective management of the staff brings the same benefits. Your company, like any company, is currently operating under the conditions of dynamic change. The challenge is still growing competition. Your company is striving for continuous development. You want to build a strong brand. You need the right tools to accomplish your goals. With a modern Rejestracja czasu pracy system, you adjust to the active market and leave behind the competition. For this what you need to do is;

Determine Your Needs
You do not treat your business as one of the many in the market. What counts is an individual adjustment to your needs. Looking for a solution that will not only guarantee a reliable accounting of working time, but also ease of use and functionality.

What Do You Expect From The Time Recording System?
1) You expect the Time Recording system to automatically calculate the data and capture human error. You would like to quickly and quickly calculate the working time.

2) You would like to be able to plan your schedule individually or for a team. This solution would make your job much easier.

3) You expect that time recording and archiving will also be upgraded by eliminating paper documentation.

4) You care about introducing innovative staffing policy. You expect full automation of time records.

How Much You Can Gain With Time Management System?

  • Develop your business by introducing a modern system of working time records.
  • Minimize errors. The RCP system itself calculates the data and captures human error.
  • Order instead of chaos, thanks to full automation of accounting work time.
  • Simple solutions – noticeable effects. Efficient and fast work time accounting.
  • Minimum engagement – maximum benefit. Time-recording system guarantees constant and rapid access to archived data.
  • Efficient team management, information on delays and early departures from the company, available from hand.
  • Comfort work every day. Liquidation of obsolete attendance records. Constant and fast access to work schedules, attendance logging takes seconds.


Biometric Time Recording Systems

Biometric time recording system use for automatic calculation of data. The Rejestracja czasu pracy generates clear and detailed reports about:

  • Comparing the standard with the time actually worked
  • Calculation of overtime and overtime
  • Overtime calculation of 50% and 100%
  • Settlement of the delegation and breaks in working time
  • Settlement of night work, vacation leave, sick leave and other absences


Advantages of Biometryczny Rejestracja czasu pracy

Reduce paper documentation

Modern Rejestracja czasu pracy allows you to store archival data even decades back. This means eliminating work folders, less paper consumption, and more space in the office.

Constant and rapid access to archival data

It takes just two clicks to have the eyes of the reporters, the person employed a few years back. HR data can be stored without a time limit. In addition, you can see how the accounting methods used to back years in the company.



The advantage of RCP system is the variety and adaptability to your individual needs. The program generates:

  • Traditional time recording reports, with the option of setting column and shape views, based on a pivot table
  • Report in the form of attendance records, visually matched with the Code of Labor Code
  • Report for statistics showing the number of delegations in a given period, overtime, calculation of work only on selected days or at night

The use of new technologies today is not a duty but a privilege. That is why PTC Security Systems design the best biometryczny Rejestracja czasu pracy system that will allow you to efficiently manage human resources. For the best Biometryczny Rejestracja czasu pracy system installation services, give us a call.

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