Trekking is an exciting adventure and everyone can have a great time at this thrilling activity if he is willing.Even if you are living in a metro city like Bangalore, you can filter out different trekking spots situated around you. Thesespots are absolutely fulfilling and adventures. A huge population of Bangalore make the most of these Trekking destinations.

Yes, you heard it right. Trekking near Bangalore is absolutely possible. You will not have to take many days off for them. A single weekend or a day will give a great time to your trekking buff. So, where you were thinking that Bangalore has nothing adventurous to cater you, just have a look at the following spots and you will be amazed!


Anthargange is one of the most renowned adventurous spots for trekking. It is mapped just sixty eight kilometres from Bangalore. This placeis an odd hill that is blanketed with adense forest atbase. However, as you step uprock-strewn hill the; luxuriousgreenery will get diluter and is finally replaced with some thorny bushes that embellish the top of hill.The caves of hill are a chief fascination for trekkers and travellers.

Ramadevara Betta

For your trekking craving, there can nothing better than the spot of Ramadevara Betta. It is a very famous trekking trail in Ramnagar that is just fifty kilometresfrom Bangalore. It is a comfy trail for people who love rappelling and rock climbing.Forfellows who are not really into climbing, a stroll up to this crisscross trail and then rolling down can be a lovely option.

Karighatta Trek

Karighatta Trek is a wonderful trekking destinationand it issituated just hundred kilometres from Bangalore.It is an extremelylively and appropriate destination for traveling enthusiasts and trekking fans.Karighatta hill is mapped at a height of 2,697 feet.You can have anamazing and adventurous time during a trekking tour to this spot.

Bheemeshwari Trek

Bheemeshwari is a spot fenced by lovely valleys. At this spot various slopping rivers and streams framerolling terrain. The surrounding forest area has a large number of Indian Wildlife Species. While you celebrate your trekking activities, youmight also meet deer onthe way.And an interesting thing is that there are numerous wildlife trekking tracks present for both beginners and professionals.


So, all you lovers of trekking, these were just a few trekking spots near Bangalore. You have plenty of other options to for Satisfying your trekking buff.