Social media and its endless facilities
Today, countless people the world over effectively use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ among others to stay connected with friends, family and associates residing all across the globe, find jobs, post current pictures, search for reviews and more. The list of facility that the social media websites offer is endless; no wonder more businesses realize the significance of social networks in business promotion. The hype for social media is so much on the rise that some even confirm breathing and eating internet every day.

Social media analytics- A brief insight

Social media analytics can best be defined as the collection and analyzing of unstructured and structured data that is generated by social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for helping an organization or firm to make further informed business decisions. Here the data can include the number of tweets or likes, demographic information, reviews, comments and the number of fans or followers. Social data offers lower cost alternative together with immediate feedback on ad campaigns, customer service, products and an avenue for tracking how challengers are faring. Marketing departments and customer service have expressed their utmost interest in various social media analytics tools.

Social media analytics lures organizations

Social media analytics is vital if one is planning to move ahead of their competitors to get a competitive edge. These are identified as an effective tool that help to measure, study and decode the interactions and sentiments of individuals. This tool is luring users owing to its manifold benefits. Some of these include:

  • Social media analytics tools helps in empowering organizations for uncovering client sentiment dispersed all over countless online sources that in turn aids an organization to identify any potential opportunity, manage threats and neutralize negative impact.
  • By leveraging such tools, organizations along with staying connected to their clients in an enhanced way can also get exclusive insights into customer preferences, brand awareness, market trends, customer spending patterns and customer buying behaviour.
  • By choosing such tools, organizations can target huge audience and gain unique insights both into customer behaviour and preferences by analyzing the wide gamut of social media sites available.


5 social media analytics tools that stand out

Although there is no dearth in the availability of social media analytics tools, below are top 5 that stand out. These include:

  • HootSuite – This social media management tool enables team to collectively execute campaigns on multiple social networks across from one dashboard. HootSuite has the ability of streamlining custom reports and workflow and also includes audience identification tool.
  • Social Mention – Popularly known as a fairly easy social media analytics tool it provides users the capability of uncovering any mentions that is expressed by users about business on any renowned social framework. With Social Mention, it is immensely useful in watching for the feelings and insights of clients and also view these reviews via three considerations namely positive, negative as well as neutral.
  • Radian6 – This tool allows marketers in keeping track of their regular performance in diverse social means. With the help of Radian6, online marketers are capable of seeing various reports and charts received from diverse social media framework that can supply one with the overall impact or perception their label is creating on both the virtual and real world.
  • NetBase – This social intelligence platform enables one in monitoring, understanding, reacting, engaging and publishing through both earned and owned channels.
  • Sprout Social – This tool helps to monitor Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels where customers are engaging with brands and businesses. Further, it also offers lead generation, analytics, competitive insight and contact management.

The competition scenario has undergone a drastic change. The most common use of social media analytics tools is to use the views of customers for marketing possibilities and customer satisfaction.