Businesses were expert in handling their reputation in the market when there was no Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social media thing. But now the days have changed; they can’t hide themselves from consumers and bear losses while offering bad products and services to clients. Social media has its own relevance in changing the landscape of customer service by offering maximum freedom to consumers to feedback for products and services and share their reviews with global users online.


Companies Can’t Ditch Consumers In Hide And Seek Game

Social media has offered various customer support channels where company’s customers can share and ask queries on public platform via social media profiles. All the suggestions, feedbacks, considerations and recommendations are now easily available for customer access. It means the previous interactions that a client was used to make with the company are now viewable and accessible by multiple viewers at a time. With this change, the pressure on companies to deliver excellent products and services accelerated and consumers have started receiving quality solutions for their requirements.

Clients Reach Has Risen By 25 Times

Before introduction of social media, there was no count for unsatisfied consumers- companies ignored the unsatisfied crowd and pretended that they were supreme leading service providers. With social media, the story has taken a ‘U’ turn. A client is connected with his numerous friends via social media. The reach is so strong that his reviews and updates regarding company’s products are being read by everyone and influencing most people. Any negative feedback can ruin the years of efforts of a company and can adversely affect the brand image in the market.

Consumer Involvement Is Making Big Difference Than Ever

It’s an old story when businesses don’t have to consider unhappy customers and can freely supply their products and services to earn profits. Social media is a ladder for a customer to approach company’s management directly and complain about the poor services. You can’t take it as a bad news. It is rather good for genuine companies who believe in making smiles with their products and services. With positive feedback of consumers, such companies can extend their reach like never before.

No wonder why it is said that social media is reinventing customer service. It has already worked on success meters of the businesses and now has started working for companies to deal with failures. It was earlier difficult for top level management to determine the gaps that were responsible for product failure- may be lower staff employees never told them the truth. But this social media opens up the windows for customers to directly interact with company’s top level management and share what’s missing in the product and how it can be improved.

In this way, customers are solving the pitfalls of the company for their own benefits and indirectly this is benefiting companies as well. The work of research team is reduced to half because they now know about the issue- now their job is to fix the problems rather than searching them first and making them better for consumers.

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