Social sharing with the web these days has become a part and parcel of one’s daily life regardless of whether it is with the help of links, status updates or embedded videos.

StumbleUpon offers a unique means of social sharing.
Although its audience may be smaller compared to a few of the existing bigger players, yet it is vast enough as well as engaged enough for ecommerce players to take note of. This discovery engine helps one to find and also recommend web content and pages to its users. It comes with a wide array of interesting features that enables users in discovering and rating web pages, videos and photos that are personalized catering to their interests and tastes with the help of social-networking and peer-sourcing principles.

With effective and innovative ideas that provide something exciting for users and something fruitful for business owners, StumbleUpon definitely is a “paragon for eCommerce professionals“.

StumbleUpon pages catalogue anything right from on-line services to interactive computer games and above all aid people who are outside of one’s direct reach to discover their content. Although it is small in comparison to leading social networking sites such as Twitter, My Space or Facebook, yet it is capable of sending highest social media traffic across the web. It has of late outpaced the king of social media Facebook with respect to web traffic.

While Facebook excels at spreading local or breaking news of the day, StumbleUpon is for both short as well as long term. This site possesses a minimal effort yet is a goldmine to draw massive quantity of sustained and regular traffic to any website. The content type that thrives on StumbleUpon meets a couple of criteria: the subject of the content is useful, bizarre or interesting, has an enduring value and addresses niche topics.


3 basic functions of StumbleUpon

  • Browse web pages of interest randomly
  • Submitting web pages/contents for stumbling upon
  • Voting and bookmarking contents

StumbleUpon- Do’s and Don’ts


  • One must be choosy about the things they want to stumble. The best pages to be shared and stumbled upon include the ones having fun, interesting write-ups or graphic-rich pages. It is best to avoid stumbling on a sales page.
  • Using informative descriptions and catchy headlines will do the magic. A catchy headline and a unique content will instantly grab the stumblers attention and thereby leaving ample room of one’s stumbled content to get clicked through.


  • One must avoid discovering above two posts daily from their own site
  • One must not spam and over-share with their followers.

StumbleUpon helps one in finding the right content right from web pages, sites, videos or photos that otherwise would have been complex with the help of a search engine. It is one of the effective ways of reaching an enthusiastic, large audience. As a unique and new marketing tool, StumbleUpon has become an integral part of several business promotional strategies. This is free and easy to use and can bring droves of traffic to one’s site. The icing on the cake is, if the visitors like what they observe, there are high chances of their stumbling more pages thereby keeping the cycle going.

Hence, giving up on a vital social medium like StumbleUpon will not be a clever decision. It needs few etiquette and strategies to be truly effective for one’s web business. It is also capable of bringing visitors for months provided the page receives good ratings.