One of the aspects that make any writer noticeable from the mass is his unique personal voice. If you particularly admire any writer – whether it’s a poet, journalist, blogger or novelist – you may well be able to identify their work merely from the way they write. It’s just as same as you recognize a friend from his voice on the phone.

Developing your own unique writing voice can be a daunting challenge for aspiring writers as it may take little time. However, it’s a goal that’s within any would-be writer’s reach.

Sometimes this entire phenomenon seems really simple. You just have to fine-tune your inner voice and make yourself trust that you are a good writer and you can write amazing blog posts.  You just need to boost up your self -confidence. That will, in turn, help fire up the potential needed to ignite your creativity.

Once you initiate your voice, you need to begin doing it with your writing. You must remember the qualities and principals of the things you have discovered and make sure that you use them in your writing. After a while you will start using your voice as expected, at which point it will start to develop.

Develop a writing style
It involves firmly sticking to a set of rules and examining your work. Try out different ways and styles to express you and to discover what works. This will help you to find out what feels and sounds RIGHT for you. For example, you could end each paragraph with a startling fact. Your style could be one that is simply logical, emotional, serious or funny. Try to avoid clichés and jargon and don’t overdo the thesaurus. Always consider your audience. In case, your blog catch the attention of a wider audience, you must form glossaries or references to help new readers follow along.


Plan your post to specific details
When it comes to blogging, planning your blog posts is vital. You must plan your blog post and should include specific details related to your style and voice in your plan. One must pay attention to things like the length of posts, writing style, subject material and frequency. Also, try to maintain your blogs brief and to the point. While details and depth are essential qualities to bear in mind, blogs that are excessively long can turn off the readers. Blog readers do not call for exhaustive and pointless information. They look for the meat not the garnishment!

Research is the essence
Research is the backbone of all blogging.  A well researched informative post is liked and shared by a large number of people. Maintaining a well researched blog post is the key to making sure you do not ruin your blog post. It implies that a blog has to be very accurate and not just filled with referenced information. Thus in order to provide readers with excellent quality blog posts, you must research more and more.


About Author: The writer of this blog is multi-talented. He is Android Application Developer at AegisSoftTech and a professional blogger. He loves to transform his knowledge and experience in words for helping aspiring people.

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