Marketing on Facebook is not as easy as it used to be. Increasingly crowded Newsfeed, more brands than ever endorsing themselves, fighting for standing out for a keyword, and, top of that, continually changing Facebook’s search algorithm are making harder for brands to get attention.

Competition bound to happen, after all, Facebook is the largest social network on the earth. But increasing competition also means more users to tap and more brands to collaborate with. Here are some of the Facebook tactics that working right now.

Post Native Videos
Facebook may be full of videos sourced from YouTube. That doesn’t mean you can’t upload videos on Facebook directly. In fact, native Facebook video is among trends these days. Marketers are increasingly using them over nonnative videos, sourced from sites like Vimeo, Vivo, Dailymotion etc.

A photo accompanies almost every post in Facebook. But videos, especially native, are rare. If a study by a major social analytics firm is to be believed, the organic reach of video based posts is much higher than that of text-only, link and, almost twice, of photo based posts. The views of a Facebook posts containing a video are almost 3-5 times the other types.

Pictures with a Message
Remember the days of high school when motivational posters used to fill most of the School’s display board. A spin-off of those posters is trending these days. Meme Images, as they are called these days, has emerged as a great marketing tool and a great booster to your Facebook posts. A motivational message, engraving a relevant image with your company’s logo on the top, is doing wonders in terms of online engagement, already. Why not take the advantage. The best part is anybody with basic knowhow of image editing skills can make a high quality “text over image”.

Choose Your Audience
Although the reach of Facebook is global, you can’t reach every one of them. You have to define your audience, or you will reach nowhere. Facebook now allows brands to target their audiences. The targeted posts have much higher engagements than posts without. Targeting pages can be a boom for local businesses trying to reach their local customers.

Click to Action Calls
In an endeavor to make Facebook more relevant for businesses, Facebook has introduced CTA buttons. Now you can add a CTA button to your company’s posts on the Facebook page. Currently 7 types of call to actions are available:

  • “Book Now”
  • “Contact Us”
  • “Use App”
  • “Play Game”
  • “Shop Now”
  • “Sign Up”
  • “Watch Video”

Invisible Posts:
Invisible posts that don’t mess the timeline and are only visible to their target audience, come handy when you want to run a single test post to different set of audiences and don’t want to mess up your public timeline. Dark or invisible posts can be generated using Power Editor, visible under Facebook ads manager.

Post Many Times a Day
The number of blogs you write every day directly effects the number of views your page is  getting. In fact, the number of posts in a day I directly proportional to total interaction per day. In addition, a Facebook page that posts many posts a day receives minimum negative feedback.

Rely on Trends:
Trends are cool and fresh. People love talking about them and subsequently posting about them on various social media websites, including Facebook. If used with a bit of creativity, trending topics are a great way to connect to a new set of audiences without using spammy links. During the launch of Game of thrones new season in March, the trend about the show was astounding. Many people used the topic to generate a new level of engagement.

Learn from Your Mistakes
Negative feedback is a great way to understand your business’ shortcomings. If your 50 Facebook posts are doing great, chances are, at least, one will go wrong, nobody’s perfect. Facebook Insights is the place to look for those shortcomings. Any of your posts that is hidden by a user from his timeline, marked as Spam, or unliked will be visible here. Analysis of negative posts will give you a fair idea what to what not to post in your Facebook page.

Never Settle
If you settle, one of your competitors will take your place. Keep testing different posts until you succeed and have the right flavor. Facebook pages with great content still go viral and reach a newer audience. Don’t insist too much on Facebook organic results; they are unpredictable.

Still photographs that form looping elements look stunning. Cinemagraphs, thanks to Facebook video autoplay services can now also be incorporated in a Facebook post. Facebook is seriously looking to allow posting stylised GIFs to advertisers.

Don’t anguish; there’s ample life left in Facebook. All you need is to find a way to tap its vast base of users. Once you’re there, then only you’ll understand what it is like to trend on Facebook

Jignesh is the digital marketing analyst & strategist at Intesols. For the last three years, he is helping small businesses and start-ups to gather the right online marketing tactic. He is passionate about everything digital, and his life revolves around online marketing world. You can follow him on Twitter or reach out to him via Linkedin.