Titanbet made their name with their popular online poker rooms, and despite having only been around for a few years have built a legion of loyal fans thanks to their high quality sites and very generous bonus schemes.

Having launched the Titanbet Mobile App they are making an ambitious move into the world of sports book betting, promising to offer a comprehensive on-the-go solution for portable wagering.

Mobile gaming apps are difficult to get right, and many have failed to match up to similarly ambitious projects in the past, so let’s take a look at the Titanbet mobile app and see how it matches up to it’s rivals.

Installation & Interface

Installing this app is extremely straightforward for both Apple and Android devices, with very few issues having been mentioned regarding any compatibility issues. This should of course be considered a prerequisite, but is worth mentioning for anyone with older or more obscure phones/tablets that can often have issues with the latest apps.

Once installed the quality of design is blatantly apparent. This app scores very highlyindeed in regards to the production values that have been invested into it, and clearly it has been thoroughly tested before release as navigation is seamlessly smooth and utterly glitch free. Largely this is thanks to a design based more upon utility than flair, with most screens presenting a range of lists in plain text without incorporating extensive amounts of graphics – good news for those with limited data plans!

Available Markets/Bets

In regards to the available betting markets, Titanbet performs well enough to keep up with it’s rivals without really managing to overtake them as it lacks the extensive variety of specialist bets that are common elsewhere. However for the vast majority of people this app will satisfy their requirements, as accumulators, doubles/trixies and similar betting options are available alongside a wide range of listed events, all with constantly updated odds.


For the casual player this app is arguably the best going because it is extremely accessible and refreshingly jargon free. All the player really needs to do is decide upon their bet, find it in seconds by using the intelligent scrolling lists, select and confirm, there’s very little else to it. While some apps include all sorts of additional features such as tips and previews/reports, Titanbet aims squarely at getting the job done swiftly and surely – and ultimately it’s difficult to pick any problems with that!

Payment Options

Where Titanbet stands out from the crowd is firstly the range of payment options available to make a deposit – there’s over 20 options, including Bitcoin. The second major attraction is the generous free bet available to new users for simply installing the app and registering an account, that can be enhanced when certain deposit minimums are met. Bear in mind that these bonuses expire within a week.


Overall this is a solid and dependable sports betting app that demands consideration, and should be regarded as a must for people who already have a Titanbet account. The app performs well without any trouble or unnecessary hassle, being very data-friendly in this regard and clearly this helps account for the impressive loading and updating speeds that are perhaps the highlight of the app overall.

Bonuses are respectable enough without being market breaking, and overall the Titanbet mobile app is a steady performer which would be a decent choice for new or casual players.