Social Media Marketing is a way of interacting with clients to sell products and services using social media platform like facebook, Google+, twitter, and more. Some agencies and social media experts are offering marketing services and strategic support for businesses to promote their products and services globally.

This is a trend that is used for gaining global traffic and grabbing customer attention via social media sites. Many businesses have appointed social media experts who create content about each product and service to attract viewers and encourage them to share it with their social circle. The more sharing results in more sale boosting and brand image building.

Social media network is vast and proven marketing tool that builds solid user network base for a business or an enterprise or even a personality. When a company or a person joins any social networking site for promoting products and services, both the consumer and company have power to make direct interaction with each other. It works like word of mouth promotion where user shares his experience with other people and encourages them to avail the company’s products and services for best results.

Some social media sites to help in promoting business and services on online platform are:

Facebook ad pricing and demand
Facebook post reach is significantly diminishing and giving serious trouble to business runners who are using the platform as a marketing tool. With limited post numbers and actual viewers count, facebook ad promotion services will continue to rise.

Twitter ad campaigns model will skyrocket in popularity
With latest fee structure enables businesses to pay for specific performance based actions instead of just retweeting and clicking the links. These objective-based campaigns are presently in beta and are intended to offer more flexibility, followers, leads, and website conversions to businesses.

Users will use Instagram for image based social media marketing
Instagram will not fall apart in near future. With over 200 million monthly users, it has become a solid platform where people use images to promote their business, services or anything else.

LinkedIn aims to widen the gap as the B2B social network
LinkedIn is the top network of choice specifically for B2B sector since long time and it is now aiming to widen the gap between linkedIn and other networks.

Social media marketing is embraced as a core content marketing pillar for marketers and promoters. By next year, marketers will finally realize the relevance of publication and distribution for content marketing. Social media is an effective way of expanding the visibility and reach of the content.

The laws for business owners who are initially using social media to mark their presence:

  1. Law of listening
  2. Law of focus
  3. Law of quality
  4. Law of patience
  5. Law of influence
  6. Law of compounding
  7. Law of accessibility
  8. Law of acknowledgement
  9. Law of value
  10. Law of reciprocity