Uncovering The Secrets of Successful Facebook Timeline Promotion

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline- a welcome change
Timeline is a cosmetic change to display content on the Facebook profile. This change has succeeded to make contents on this platform more engaging thereby exposing the history of every Facebook user’s post in a chronological order which makes it simpler in navigating to older material. The new layout in many ways is a welcome change especially for the business pages on Facebook.

Significance of promotions for brand awareness
Promotions are an outstanding method for growing one’s brand, rewarding their social media community as well as driving short-term engagement with their audience. For achieving any lasting benefit however one must be sure that their activity is connected directly to their brand and that they are working toward attaining meaningful objectives. King of social media Facebook has recently brought about a change in its guidelines for enabling business pages for running contests and entries on their timelines. As per the new rule, brands are henceforth permitted in asking fans to message comment or like the page as a part of the promotion.

Below are a few smart tips for successful Facebook Timeline Promotion. These include:

Comment having maximum likes wins promotion
First and foremost; one can host timeline promotions asking users for commenting on their post for grabbing the chance of winning a prize from their business. Further, within the promotion rules, one must state that comments having maximum likes win. Such type of Timeline promotion works wonders as it encourages users in reaching out to their friends on Facebook for votes.

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Collect valuable data
Any business looking forward to expand their mailing list, it is best for them in hosting a Timeline promotion along with building a complementary contest application with entry forms. One can also drive users to their Facebook application by sharing links. Further, one can also offer incentives so that users will wish to go their app. Users who decide to enter into the contest via these applications can receive additional entries offering them an opportunity of winning awesome prizes.

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Drive both Likes and Comment Entries
For those owing brick and mortar stores, hosting Timeline contests for promoting their in-store promotion is a wise idea. One can also upload a photo which provides details about their promotion or deal. Next they can ask users to comment and Like on their post for entering to win. Such a type of Timeline Promotion is an excellent way to reward one of their loyal Facebook fans as well as getting words out about their store’s sale, thereby bringing in extra sales and foot traffic.

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Quiz contest and caption
If one’s idea of a quiz contest, caption or a comment works well with their target audience they are in luck. Such promotion type is easily and directly directed on their brand’s Facebook Timeline. One can simply post updates that outline the kind of response they are in the lookout for and let their audience enter via leaving a direct comment on that post. For removing subjectivity from selecting a winner for caption or comment contests, perhaps award their prize for comments with maximum likes.

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Traditional video and photo contests
Each favourite contest mechanic of users will work well with little rejigging on their business’ Facebook Timeline. They can collect entries for video or photo contests by letting their audience message or post on their Page. Further one can choose favourite, award random winners or freely use likes as their voting mechanic.

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