It’s all the smartphone Apps time and now and then new mobile apps are getting introduced. We have fantastic apps for almost every activity; whether it’s playing games, hearing music, listening to news broadcasting or watching movies.

The fact is that we have not only a single app available for managing a particular activity, but several of them and obviously created by different app developers. Choosing one perfect app from the list to download and install is a tough task. Here we can discuss some of the important aspects to care while looking to find a new Movie watching and downloading App on your smartphone.

Check Cost Effectiveness:
Always check the prices of every app you wish to download for a particular activity. There are Apps with different prices and sometimes available at free of cost. So you have to be careful picking up the right app to download and install. Why we need to pay for an app if a perfect match for that app is available for free.

Use Latest Versions:
Check and confirm that you are downloading the latest version of the video or movies app to install. Apps get updated routinely, and hence it’s an advantage to stay updated with your version of the app.

App Memory Utilization:
The memory space is always a headache for many smartphone users, and it hits when need to download a new app arises. You have to find out a lite weighted app from the category and use it to solve the issue. Also, make sure that it uses less memory power to run on your phone. To suggest as an example here, movie App Megabox HD is a fantastic choice for you with its lite weight status.

User-Friendly Pattern:
A video or movie watching and downloading app should have an easy to navigate and user-friendly pattern to maximize the benefits to the customers. If your chosen App is not having that friendly nature, better you check for an alternative app.

Check Video List Updates:
Any video downloading App is going to be a great addition to your smartphone apps when it can provide you with latest movies and TV shows. So you must confirm first how often they update their movies library. If they are updating it regularly, then you can surely give them a try.


Search Options:
When you open a movie download App, it will not be showing you with what you are looking to watch or download, here comes the need of an active search box within the App where you can type the name of your favorite movie and get it listed in search results with a click. If you are required moving through all the listings to find one particular video, the idea seems completely weird.

Suggestions from Friends:
You can always turn to your friends and family members to ask their suggestion of a fine video watching and downloading App. The chances are high for any of them to get used a working video App, and hence they suggest it for you. Connecting with your friends also help you get a list of Apps which are performing quite badly.