A key to become a successful internet marketer is keyword research. It is said that, “If you master the keyword research and find the profitable niche, more than half your work is done.”. As Google robots mainly concentrate on the keywords present in URL, Meta description, title and the content, it is important to get the right keyword which goes with the topic.

You might be using several tools for keyword research and filtering them out to find the profitable one. But you might be shocked by knowing that you can find the profitable keywords through Wikipedia. You might be thinking that is it possible? Yes, it is possible, if you know the right way to use it. I know that you are too excited to know about this technique. Let us see the way to use Wikipedia for keyword research:

Google the topic:

When you search for a particular topic in the Google the first results in most of the results will be Wikipedia. If you search for a single term ‘emerging technologies’ the first result will be of Wikipedia where you can find many terms related to technology.

Note down the keywords from SERP:

The description that you get from Wikipedia must be observed carefully as it contains related keyword to emerging technologies. You can easily find some important keywords in the meta description. Look at the related topics given below the description such as ‘history of emerging technologies’, ‘emerging technologies databases’, ‘list of emerging technologies‘ etc.

Keywords in first paragraph:

You can mostly get your keywords which you want to target from the first paragraph of the content itself. Also view the contents column below few paragraphs to get topics related to keyword. Keywords such as educational technologies, information technology, nano technology and many more keywords can be found.

Refer to the ‘See also’ part:

The next step is to go down the page and refer to the ‘see also’ section that gives you related contents related to emerging technologies. You can find some of the latest emerging technology topics in the section. It can be either used as a keyword or a title, you have to decide that.

Use ‘References’ section:

At the end of the Wikipedia page you can get some extraordinary keywords in the reference section. It is believed that it is the most useful section in Wikipedia to get the profitable keywords. Find keywords such as emerging technology conference, converging technologies, robotic technology and so on giving you options to explore more keywords.


Create long-tail keywords:

You need to add some appropriate words to the keywords to make them more effective. In short, you need to make a list of long-tail keywords that give you quicker results than the short-tail keywords. But before finalizing the keywords, you must refer the Google Keyword Planner to know the group keywords, bid, traffic by month and competition. This will give you a better idea to get more profitable keywords.

These are few sections to look out in Wikipedia to find the keywords without using any paid tool. It is just a matter of few hours to find the perfect set of keywords. There are many SEO experts all over the globe creating new techniques to enhance the marketing knowledge.

A Digital Marketing Firm, has its own techniques to make your website rank on the top of the search engines. The company also uses these techniques for keyword research for the enhancement of your website.I hope that you got enough information about keyword research according to the Wikipedia standards. Stay tuned for finding techniques on digital marketing.