Looking to retain tabs on your health? As well as by your health we mean, your blood pressure, which is frequently a clear pointer of the state of your fitness, heart and blood flow. Usually blood pressure measurement has been over the use of pumping machines plus stethoscopes for manual inspection.

Though, technology has given us additional convenient substitutes, and today we’re looking at Koogeek’s Bluetooth plus Wifi supported Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, which is a wireless blood pressure display that is attuned with Android plus iOS phones.

If having your blood pressure frequently checked out by doctors could be a bit tedious for you, investing in a household blood pressure monitor would definitely make stuffs much easier.

By the Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart arm blood pressure monitor you could have your blood pressure recorded as well as easily observe any trends otherwise patterns that will, in turn, aid you make the suitable lifestyle changes.

Even better, by the blood pressure monitoring device consumers can show their physicians their outcomes which give the physician an improved understanding of their health.

Apart from checking your blood pressure by the usage of this Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Arm Blood Pressure device, you will also be capable to keep tabs on your heart rate.

Proposing Bluetooth plus Wi-Fi Dual connectivity, this home display is CE, FCC and FDA accepted and ensures grander accuracy and trustworthiness for best use.


The Koogeek application could recognize up to 16 diverse users, which means, users will be capable to invite their families plus friends to participate of the experience.

With just a distinct click, the Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is simple plus suitable for use. The device moreover derives with an internal rechargeable lithium battery that can be recharged through the Micro-USB port.

Sporting a big font design, the accessory bears a huge LCD display unit that brings a suitable reading experience for all consumers.


The Bluetooth Smart Arm Blood Pressure Monitor permits users to take measurement that automatically sync toward their iOS otherwise Android devices through Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi.

The device is attuned with iOS also Android devices in addition to Apple Health APP. As respects the Build Quality, fine it is as good as an old-style blood pressure tool, perhaps better than normal digital ones however. The chief part of the device, wherever all the magic occurs, is prepared of Aluminum for the Exterior Chassis, and obviously plastic for the internals. It feels actually solid, and after numerous days of usage it is still as worthy as new.


This monitor awe-struck me for the construct quality, and i know it isn’t the inexpensive monitor that could be bought, i admit it, but i wanted somewhat complete and dependable, thus i went for this one.

After having used it for additional than 15 days, I can commend this product to anybody that would like toward get into this smart home or health world.