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Wordpress Social Media Widget

Today, it’s hard to deny the significance of social media. Serving as an excellent tool for business promotion, social media has been explored by millions and millions of entrepreneurs residing in different corners of the world.

If you’ve chosen WordPress for powering your website, then setting up social media icons should be one of the topmost priorities on your “to-do” list. By installing the right social media widgets into your WordPress website, you can turn to be successful in creating a social profile with a good number of followers for your site. Here, in this post, I’ve collected 10 best social media widgets that are custom-made for boosting the social media presence of any WordPress powered website.

Top 10 Social Media Sharing Widgets of WordPress For Blogging & Branding

#1. Cool Social Icons Widget

Cool Social Icons is a simple to use and highly customizable widget that allows you to display all your social media profiles with dark and light color scheme as per the site. With this widget installed in your site, you can easily choose which social profiles to link to. Major social media networks supported by this WordPress widget include:Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, RSS, Tumblr, Twitter and many more.

#2. WP MashSocial Widget

WP MashSocial widget is yet another cool widget that is easy to use and highly customizable. It is a beautiful sidebar widget that allows you to add your Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Feeds Subscription in it. Easy installation of this widget makes it the perfect fit for not so technically sound WordPress users.

#3. Social Sprites Icons Widget

Social Sprites is one of the best social media widget plugins for WordPress. It is basically a set of commonly used social icons that is super lightweight and can be easily integrated into any kind of simple or complex website. Social Sprites icons come in two versions viz: standard icon set and a mini set.

#4. Recent Pins Widget

Especially designed for Pinterest, Recent Pins widget allows you to add a feature-rich Pinterest widget to your WordPress enriched website. With this widget, you can display up to 25 latest pins at a time with high-resolution images. The best part of this social media widget is that it installs within seconds and comes with full documentation and instructions.

#5. Metro Style Social Widget

Metro Style is a lightweight widget that displays Metro Style social network icons in your site’s sidebar and links to all your social network profiles. This widget comes with an Add button option that displays the Like/Follow buttons on the social icons, allowing visitors to Like/Follow your profile without leaving your site. The fully responsive design of this widget will automatically fit within your sidebar width.

#6. Twitter widget with Tweet Reach

Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach is a one of the best twitter sidebar plugin widgets. This easy to install social media widget is equipped with all the features that you need for showcasing your twitter activity and feeds for any keyword, hash-tag etc.

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#7. Social Media Buttons and Widgets

Social Media Buttons & Widget comes with effective social media buttons for your posts and pages. Some impressive social media buttons included with this widget are Twitter Button, Facebook Like button, Pinterest and Google Plus button. Likewise, the social media widgets available with this widget plugin include: Facebook Like Box, Social Media, Google Badge and Twitter Feed.

#8. Acurax

Acurax is a simple and easy to install WordPress social media widget that allows you to addwidgets which link social media buttons to your social network profiles on different websites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feed, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.

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#9. Social Media Badge Widget

Social Media Badge is yet another awesome social media widget that displays social badges from all the leading social media websites including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Flickr.This widget plugin comes with a plugin admin page that makes it simple for you to customize the social media channels and styling of the social media icons.

#10. Social Icons Widget

Social Icons widget is another brilliantwidget that follows an extendable approach to display links to your social media profiles. With this widget, you can easily add custom icons in file formats including .jpg, .gif, .png and .jpeg.

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Summing Up

So, that’s a wrap on the top 10 social media widgets best suited for WordPress powered websites. Hope you’d have found the collection interesting and chosen your pick. Installing the right social media widget will prove beneficial for sustaining a perfect social media presence.

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