We all know that not every modification to your motorcycle is beneficial or worthwhile, and the right modifications can work wonders on your bestie.

Whether you’ve got a specific problem you’d like to see fixed, or you’re just the kind of rider who likes to make your motorcycle a little more personalized, like replacing your rim with some bright coloured motorcycle rims, motorcycle mods have a lot of appeals.

Most riders will do a handful of things to hook up a new bike, so we put all the most popular ones in one place. Here are the 10 essential mods for your motorcycle:

10 Essential Mods for Your Motorcycle

Mods for Your Motorcycle

#1. Exhaust System

An exhaust looks cool and unlocks some power, but most importantly, unleashes the loud roar that gives every bike its personality!

#2. Air Filter

Accompanies your new exhaust system by letting your bike breathe better. After all, your exhaust will never give you the extra power you want if you’re not getting extra air into your engine to create it.

#3. Frame Sliders/Crash Bars

Frame sliders are a simple add-on that helps keep your frame away from the ground in the event of a crash or tip-over. They’re sturdy and solid, and some models stick out just far enough to protect your fairings from touching the ground too.

#4. Fender Eliminator

Streamline your bike with sleek license plate/signal kits

#5. Battery Tender

Invest in a battery tender to keep your battery topped off and in peak condition! It’s not one of the most exciting mods to have for your bike, but it will prevent that dreaded “click” when you’re geared up for a ride, and your bike won’t start.

#6. Windscreen

Get that wind and debris out of your face to enjoy a smoother ride.

#7. Tires

Tires are a huge part of your overall riding experience and give the bike a lot of its handling characteristics and personality.

Find a great tire that will totally transform the riding experience on your new bike. You can even consider selling the takeoffs to offset some of the cost!

#8. Flush/LED Turn Signals

Those ugly stock turn signals that come on most bikes are one of the first things many riders get rid of!

Besides the looks, if your bike does happen to take a spill, the turn signal stalks can punch a hole right through your fairings, making the damage a lot worse!

Flush turn signals are brighter and look better, plus they help you go 0.0001% faster.

#9. Swingarm Spool/Sliders

Like frame sliders, these are more cheap insurance, but they serve another purpose as well – their shape allows them to double as spools that you can use to lift the bike with a rear stand.

#10. Professional Suspension Setup

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