Exercises To Remove Stress

There is no better medicine to keep stress at bay than physical activity. With this series of exercises you can do anywhere and at any time you will get the tension out of your body. The only thing you need is discipline and a lot of desire to take control of your life.

To loosen the neck gently: Tilt your head back and forth, towards one shoulder and the other. Make turns with the head to one side and others like circles with the nose.

To relax your shoulders: Push them up, lower them and rotate them one at a time and simultaneously. Head and neck rotation. Relax your shoulders and let your head fall forward, chin resting on the chest. Then slowly roll your head in circles, without stretching your neck. Repeat this procedure five times. Then relax and rotate in the opposite direction, again five times.

For the arms: Raise your arms over your head, with fingers interlaced and palms up. Stretch your arms as much as you can; Stay like this for about 10 seconds. Relax and repeat this procedure five times.

For arms and back: interlacing the fingers of each other and extending the arms forward of the body, turn the palms forward as if pushing the air.

For hands: Rotate wrists to both sides. Extend an arm in front of your body with the palm up; Pull your fingers down, away from the palm, hold 10 seconds and repeat with the other side. Shake hands as if splashing water.

For the legs: Sitting in front of a desk, push yourself with your hands against it and stretch your legs; Contracts and extends the feet several times and rotates the ankles. Standing, leaning against the desk or a wall, step forward and flexing the knee, stretch the back leg, change and do the same with the other (hold at least 10 seconds and maximum 30). Sitting or standing, simultaneously stretches legs and arms; Relax and re-stretch a couple of times.

Leg Stretch: Squat, with palms resting on the floor, raise the left knee towards the chest and extend as far as you can your right leg back. Gently lower your torso, as close to the floor as you can. Stay like this for about 10 seconds. Relax and repeat this procedure five times with each leg.

For the column: Sitting in a chair, relax the spine forward, loosening the head between the legs and hanging the arms. It goes up and down slowly. Place your hands behind the back of the neck and bring your elbows down and chin to your chest, breathe in that position trying to loosen up. Relax your jaw. From the sitting position, the trunk slowly rotates to one side and the other, as if you wanted to look back rotating the entire torso. Keep your arms loose.

Back Stretch: Lying on the floor on your back, and with your feet flat on the floor, pick up your knees as much as you can and gently push the lower back toward the floor. Stay like this for 10 seconds. Relax, and repeat this procedure five times.

For the eyes: Open them and close them tightly. It takes the look in different directions, up, down, to one side and another. Join the points as circles with the view. To finish, massage gently with your fingertips around the eyes. Rub a palm firmly against the other, close your eyes and let them rest for a moment. Slowly open your eyes and then remove your hands.

The order of the exercises is indistinct. You can do all or whatever you like. The important thing is to do them consciously and constantly, so that you can see satisfactory results against stress.

10 Exercises To Remove Stress & Stay Refreshed 1
10 Exercises To Remove Stress & Stay Refreshed 2