Wedding Dress Styles

Weddings are all about love, cheers, celebrations, flowers, smiles, and dresses! Making the best choice of a wedding dress is not only a responsibility, especially if the one or both of the soon to-married-couple is someone very close to you, like your BFF or cousin, but also an art.

There are several great places to make all your wedding shopping. One such is Macy’s. You will find all sorts of wedding dresses and accessories there. You can gain additional discounts and offers with Macy’s Wow Pass. So, what and how to wear for the upcoming wedding? Well, here are 10 ways to dress your best for the forthcoming nuptials ceremony:

Let’s Know What to Wear to a Wedding

how to dress for a wedding

1As Per the Venue

Dressing as per the venue is a great way to dress for a wedding, especially if it’s a destination wedding. You need to keep up your research about the venue to decide what kind of dress will be an appropriate fit for the occasion.

You can search about the venue online and look for what other people are wearing to attend weddings happening at the venue. Even if it’s not a destination wedding, getting to dress as per the venue is a great idea. Consider it a change, if you live far away from the wedding venue.

2Do Regular Makeup

Yes, it’s a wedding but it’s not yours. Therefore, you don’t need to stand out from the herd and make yourself a topic for gossiping for the attendees. Having a light makeup is especially important when attending weddings happening during the height of the summer season.

Women can go simply for a lip lint, minimal eye makeup, and a BB crème. For men, wearing a clean-shave, cream cleanser, and a suitable smell will suffice for the occasion.

3Donn a Traditional Attire

traditional attire for ladies

A great way to dress for the nuptials ceremony is to put on a traditional dress. Not only a great wedding dress idea, but also a good way of showing your respect for the couple being married, especially if they are traditionalists. Moreover, it is a great trend that is resurfacing lately.

More and more people are preferring to wear something more traditional than trying something newer or off-beat. However, for doing so, you must have a good knowledge about the traditions and customs followed by the marrying couple.

4Go All Formal

formal attire for women

Probably the safest and best option to get dressed for a wedding is to stick with the formals. The formal dress is an excellent and easily available option, for which you don’t need to undergo exhaustive research, throw loads of questions to your friends, and keep searching for best dresses.

There are all sorts of formal wedding dresses available for both the sexes. If the wedding is to happen in the evening, go for darker hues. Otherwise, stick with light colors.

5In Line With the Season

One of the major factors that will determine what you should, or shouldn’t, wear for a wedding is the season. If it is summer then you need to wear light clothes to cut the extra heat. If it is winter then you must go for something that’s heavier and warm.

You can get some advice about wearing as per the season from your experienced friends and acquaintances. To make things easier, there are several online and concrete stores that specialize in seasonal wedding dresses. You can check them out for making an apt selection.

6Leave All Black, All White In Your Closet

white wedding gowns

As much as possible stay away from pure white, or even pure black. Especially, if you’re a woman! You might not want to get all the attention showered on you rather than the bride. It’s simply not good. No white means no WHITE, neither ivory, neither cream.

Going all black isn’t a good option either. You certainly don’t want to look out of place and suggestive of offering consolidation to your friend’s single life. Adding black colors to your wedding dress is fine, like shoes or a band, however, don’t dress in black from top to bottom.

7Match the Theme

Several weddings these days are themed. This means that you need to abide by the theme by wearing a dress that is appropriate for the nuptials. You need to carefully scan the invitation card to see whether there is a theme or not. And if there is, what it is.

A themed wedding is unlike your regular wedding because everyone, including the bride and groom, will look similarly different. You can get ideas over the Internet or from your mom. If nothing’s of help, you might like to directly ask the soon-to-be-married couple for suggestions.

8Matching, Yet Comfortable Shoes

wedding Comfortable Shoes

While choosing the best wedding dress, it’s equally important to select shoes that goes well with the wedding dress. Your leather business shoes won’t work, so consider them out. You can go for something that is a bit chicer.

In addition to the being appropriate, the shoes must be comfortable too. That’s because you certainly won’t let you shoe discomfort upset your enjoyment of the dance ceremony.

9Something Different, But Familiar

You can try something different for the wedding. However, the line gets blurred between doing it right and getting it all wrong. So, you need to be extra cautious while trying to add something off-beat. An extensive wedding research might help you out.

While opting for something different, don’t get too much into it so that it results into alienating from the whole occasion. You need to stay well in the wedding limitations while adding something that makes your dress unique.

10Try Some Accessories

There are several accessories, ranging from earrings to bands that you can try for a wedding. Men can go for some formal hat or a tie. Accessories are a way to keep it simple while giving out a great impression. However, be wary not to put too much of them.

When opting for accessories, ensure that they don’t look additional. They should seem like an indispensable part of your wedding dress. Also, ensure that you stay in your comfort zone while donning the accessories.