Turkish Coffee

Coffee shops and cafes are wonderful spots to socialize, engage and spend time with friends.

Coffee has become a cultural staple worldwide, promoting positive interactions with people you know and those you just met.

Learning about other countries and different cultures expands your worldview and teaches you interesting facts about historic food such as Turkish coffee.

#1. The coffee is full of superstitions.

Fortune telling is an integral part of Turkish culture, and coffee plays a big role in this practice.

In addition, the coffee is served alongside water, and it’s believed that if the guest drinks the coffee first, they are full and don’t need to eat.

However, if the water is consumed first, bring on the food because they are hungry. In reality, coffee is served alongside water to wash out the taste of whatever was just eaten so you can enjoy the coffee’s robust flavour.

#2. Coffee is a big part of weddings.

The biggest tradition in asking for a woman’s hand in marriage in Turkey is serving the possible groom salty coffee.

Tall tales have also said that women will serve men they like super sweet coffee while giving those not interested in more bitter versions.

Either way, visiting coffee shops must be a must in Turkey for people dating.

#3. The coffee has to be consumed in moderation.

It feels like some people bleed coffee with how much people drink. However, you can’t ingest too much coffee from Turkey, or you could face some serious health complications.

If you have the beverage more than three times daily, your heart could succumb to irregular palpitations. People with pre-existing heart conditions should be especially careful when consuming coffee.

A good motto to live by in terms of coffee consumption: moderation is key.

They say knowledge is power, and learning more about something you love makes basking in it that much better.

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