Wildlife Safari Tours

When you think of spending your vacation by indulging yourself in an Indian wildlife safari, you mostly consider watching and capturing the main attractions. After all, the thrill of the safari trip and beauty of nature is unparalleled and invaluable.

However, there are some rules and regulations that you must follow during your tour to the wildlife reserves and make the most of your journey. Being on a wildlife safari guarantees you of a breathtaking experience and views, but in order to enjoy it without any disturbances, take a look at some of the mistakes to avoid.

Mistakes To Avoid During a Wildlife Safari Tour

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Going Unprepared

Prior to booking a safari, it is imperative to make a list of the things that you expect from your tour. From the perfect location, accommodation, to the time of the year, everything should be decided before going on the tour. For example, you should check out the booking details with the authority before booking Tadoba hotels and they will be more than willing to help. Moreover, pick the dry season for your safari tour since it will be easier to spot the wild animals.

Keeping Your Voice Loud

This is an important rule to keep in mind while being on a wildlife safari tour, as the animals in the jungle have a very sharp sense of hearing and are capable to spot any activity from a distance, which helps them to protect themselves from the predators. Hence, it is necessary to remain as quiet as possible during your wildlife safari tour. Avoid talking loudly or making any unnecessary noise while spotting a wild animal, or else you will end up giving your position away.

Not Maintaining a Safe Distance

Animals are normally gentle when living in their natural habitat, but that does not make them unaware of any unusual activities. It is recommended to maintain a fine distance from the creatures during a wildlife safari, as they can switch up to their defense mode that can compromise your, as well as, the animal’s safety. Do not encourage wild animals to come near you, in fact, use binoculars or a zoom lens for your camera to view or photograph them. Remember, the purpose of a safari is to observe the diverse wildlife interacting in their natural surroundings, instead of making them communicating with you.

Being Careless

Needless to say, but it is vital to be responsible while being out for a jungle safari. This does not only mean to maintain a sense of responsibility during the safari, but also to inform your close ones prior to going out in the jungle. In the jungle, try not to litter anywhere and keep the environment clean for the creatures out there.

Avoiding the Instructions

This is obvious, but there are few cases where the visitors have overlooked the instructions and met with an accident or a penalty. A great way to ensure the safety and fun during the safari is to hire the services of an efficient guide who will inform you about the instructions.


Finally, before you leave for your wildlife safari in India, educate yourself with the above-stated rules and follow these tips during your whole journey. Avoid making the common mistakes and ensure an enjoyable experience.

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