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Filing a personal injury claim is frequently looked down upon, and this is because there are many falsehoods about the entire process.

Fortunately, we can debunk some of these myths and encourage you to file a personal injury claim if you have been recently hurt.

We have a personal injury attorney in Tampa to help us provide all the facts necessary about this process.

Myths About Filing a Personal Injury Claim

#1. Every Person Who Files a Personal Injury Claim Will Receive Compensation

This is a myth that has plagued personal injury claims for some time now. Filing a personal injury claim does not guarantee you will win your case whenever you end up going to court.

Winning a case depends on having enough evidence and the right legal team behind you to represent you. Unfortunately, not all individuals who file a claim will end up winning, and this is just the nature of how the court of the law runs.

Personal Injury Claim Filing

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#2. Your Claim Must Go to Court for You to Get Compensated

This is one fact that deters many people from ever filing a personal injury claim. The reality of the matter is that many personal injury claims never end up going to court.

They are frequently settled in private between attorneys and their clients. However, some will end up going to court if both parties cannot agree to the terms.

#3. Personal Injury Cases Can Take Years to Settle

This one is entirely not true. The average rate at who can settle most personal injury cases is within 8-12 months of the initial filing.

However, it is known that more complex cases could require more time to complete. This is one of the reasons that people think that all personal injury cases take forever to complete.

#4. People Who File Personal Injury Claims Are Just Trying to Get Unfair Compensation

This is also another flat-out lie. Many people who file personal injury claims are frequently disabled due to the injury that they face.

They are simply trying to receive proper compensation that will allow them to live properly while they recover. While there are many frivolous cases out there, they are far and few between.

#5. Consulting and Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney is Going to Cost Me A Lot of Money

This is another myth that many people believe before they end up filing a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee a set rate for a personal attorney.

However, there are attorneys out there that work pro bono. This means that they do not receive compensation unless you end up agreeing with the person you are filing the claim against or if you win in court.

This is an incredibly beneficial option for people that do not have a lot of money but need legal assistance.

Getting Yourself The Help You Need

Filing a personal injury claim can help you get your life back on track whenever you need it the most.

Don’t let the stigma of filing a personal injury claim stop you from actually doing it. Use this guide to help you overcome these myths and file an injury claim when appropriate.

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