Long Summer Days brings pleasant evenings to spend happy time with your friends and family. When you have a refreshing outdoor space to spend quality time with your loved ones, the holiday season is at its best! Renovating your outdoor deck can help you get the most of your summer celebrations in Perth.

A beautifully extended outdoor deck is an added garnishing to your party time. You can choose from latest composite decking services to modify your deck. We have brought you five exclusive summer design trends to enjoy these longer days to the fullest.

Summer blues are ever enchanting
Combination of different shades of blue offers a soothing and beautiful space. You can try the classic combo of symmetry decking in Graphite and symmetry railing in Tranquil White to beautify your outdoor space. The classic colour palette returns every year as a trend and you can always choose your favourite shades to make the place more relaxing. You can find a varying range of blues from cool coastal effects of turquoise and aquamarine to classic navy bliss. Now, it’s upon you what you choose – a traditional effect or a modern style effect. Trust us, you will love them all!

Blend in furniture style
Contrast is trending everywhere and in everything. No more people go for matching pairs of furniture, outdoor or indoor. You feel justify behind? You’re never too late to start. Give the latest blend of furniture a try next summer. Mix and match different styles and qualities of furniture in your outdoor and indoor deck. It gives a classy look altogether. Differentiate seating areas with contrasting styles like a casual rocking chair in the relaxation corner and a formal dining table in another space. Create your own space with the latest blend.

Light up your outdoor space
Over the last few decades, outdoor lighting has got into trend. It is a multipurpose feature functional and decorative at the same time. You no more have to worry about the setting sun as the beautiful lighting will save your evening. There are numerous lighting fixtures you can strategically place in the area to create an alluring ambiance drawing attention to particular features. You can use path lights to illuminate the navigation while the stairways can be lit with riser lights would add a sophisticated look and prevent injuries in the dark.

It’s not just this; there are various other lighting options with different style and looks to highlight peculiar landscape features. Post sleeve lights or eyeball lights are best for emphasising deck sections or illuminate your stairways. You can even use energy-efficient lights that help you have an eco-friendly outdoor space.

Hot temperatures with hotter hues
Choose vibrant colours for your composite timber decking in Perth to make it look hot through autumn and winter. This trend of hotter hues has taken the centre stage today and will continue for long. You can do some implementation with the summer deck trend by placing bright pillows or add bold colour, solid furniture.

Get more from the deck season
The main intention of having decks in the outdoor in summer is to add calm inviting space in your house. As we want to stay out in summers, having a beautifully placed deck will be a supporting factor to get along the party needs. You can spend long peaceful hours in day and evening with your family and friends. You can add heaters and various other warming elements to create a more functional space adding style elements to help the landscape go through transitions in changing seasons. You can extend your time on the deck by updating the rugs, planters and throw pillars into warmer colours. Plush throws are a great option to add warmth and coziness.

Changing the deck elements in the outdoor space in summers adds variations to your exterior along with all the extra added benefits it offers you.

Happy Summers!

5 Trending Summer Designs of Composite Decking 1
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