You’re really excited because your plan to visit the UK is finally happening (yay!!!) Your itinerary is all set, but wait… there’s only city that you’re planning to visit? Ok, we get it. London is  essentially always the be all and end all of the UK for most tourists, but there really is more to the UK than just London.

It would be a complete waste to come all the way to the UK and not soak up the culture of many of the other great cities that the country has to offer. So, aside from checking out Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, what do the other cities in the UK have to offer eagerly awaiting tourists?

Look @ Most Popular 7 UK Cities

popular uk cities

Situated on the south coast of England, Brighton is a funky and relaxed seaside town. It is famously known as the Gay Capital of Britain and the glitzy Kemp Town District is claimed to have the best nightlife ever! Saunter down the seafront to immerse yourself in the ambience and treat yourself to some fantastic fish and chips.

This capital city of Scotland is coated with history just like an oil painting from the medieval period. It boasts of a castle that is perched atop the hill and don’t even get us started on the cobblestone streets of the Old Town that will lead you past the picturesque shops and pubs and soon enough you will come out on the lively main road of the Royal Mile. Edinburgh comes alive in August during the Fringe Festival, which is the biggest independent theatre festival in the world. This festival attracts hundreds of improve troupes, theatre companies and comedians to the city creating a rather lively culture all around.

York is the second most visited destination in England and is paradise for history nerds and architects given its medieval heritage. York is a city that boasts of some of the best maintained historical structures in all of Europe and that includes the York Minster Cathedral. This is a spectacular Gothic work of art which will strain your neck from all the gazing you’ll be doing at the tall ceilings. Be it a family outing that you plan or a corporate days out, this city has got it all!

Regarded as the one of the best shopper’s heaven across the country, the capital of Wales has become of the top tourist attractions in the UK. Cardiff is also known to have the highest amount of green space per person in all of UK, so whenever you’re tired out, you can dip your heels in the cool and lovely Bute Park situated in the heart of the city.

In the Roman days, the city of Bath was renowned for the natural hot springs that it hosts. These baths from the Roman period exist even today and are surrounded by dazzling Georgian and Medieval architecture all through the ages. Immersed in several centuries of history, this larger than life Somerset city is often appreciated for its beautiful museums, restaurants, nightclubs, theatres and walking tours.

Stratford Upon AvonStratford Upon Avon
This exquisite and remarkable town of Warwickshire is well known for being the hometown of good old Billy the Bard. Theatre lovers parade the streets of Stratford Upon Avon to watch the Royal Shakespeare Company perform. Most of the building structures look the same from when Shakespeare walked the streets back in the day. The Falstaff Experience which is the city’s largest museum has created Tudor World which is a museum devoted solely to a genuine recreation of the era.

Liverpool will always be the city famous for being the home of the Beatles and there are several Fab Four themed activities that will make the biggest Beatle’s fanatic’s day delightful. However, there is much more to this grand Northern English city than this. Liverpool has a rather impressive and strong cultural heritage and it was named as the European Capital of Culture in 2008. It has the biggest national museum collection besides London and has the ancient Chinatown in Europe that it’s proud of.

Now that you know what these UK cities have in store for you, missing out on them would be really unwise. So, make sure that you do your best to check out all or even just some of these beautiful cities and remember there is more to the UK than just London.