business collaterals

From negotiating deals between buyers and sellers to marketing properties for open houses, there’s a lot to be done when running a real estate firm.

This also includes preparing the business collaterals, which your real estate agents use as they go about their day.

If you’re new to the real estate business, you might not be too familiar with the business collaterals that you’ll need.

7 Business Collaterals

No worries though, because we’ve compiled a list of essential business collaterals that every real estate firm should have. They are:

#1. Business cards

It’s unprofessional for your agents to scribble their names and contact details on a napkin before passing said napkin to a potential client.

Instead, they should each prepare a deck of crisp business cards for handing to everyone they meet. Using a graphic design platform, creating professional-looking business cards is a breeze.

And if you’re really looking to impress, print your business cards on thick, glossy stock paper. It’ll cost you more, but you’ll recoup the costs after closing just one sale.

business collaterals

#2. Letterheads

Sending letters? You’ll want them to stand out from the sea of bills and junk mail that people get every day. And adding a beautiful, attention-grabbing letterhead to your letters will do the trick.

Design a logo (it can just be a fancy-looking design of your full name), then append it to the top right- or left-hand corner of your letters.

Be sure to print your letterhead in color too, to really catch your recipients’ eye. There are many embossed stationery items in trend these days. You can also get your logo embossed on your letterhead for better appeal and look.

#3. Invoices

Once you’ve made a sale or earned a commission, it’s time to issue your invoice. Whatever you do, don’t rely on the standard invoice template provided by your invoicing software. That’s simply too…standard, when you should be looking to stand out.

At the very least, you should include your firm’s logo in the invoice. Be sure to also incorporate your firm’s brand colors. It’s the attention to little things like these that will help your real estate firm differentiate itself, even when you’re just billing for payment.

#4. Brochures

Your properties won’t advertise themselves—you’ll need to create brochures to show them off in their best light. Your brochures should include details such as:

  • Property address
  • Photos of the property from multiple angles
  • Property features and amenities
  • Name of your real estate firm, and your contact details

If you offer a 3D virtual tour of a property, you can include in your brochure a QR code that links to the virtual tour. People can then scan the QR code with their phone to join the tour instantly.

#5. Open house signs

While the size of your open house sign matters, so does its contents and presentation.

Apart from screaming “OPEN HOUSE,” the sign should also include a photo of the real estate agent in charge of the property, their contact details, and the name of your real estate firm.

And don’t forget that large arrow, either. It leads viewers’ eyes towards the property, encouraging them to look at it.

Who knows, they might just fall in love with the property and become a serious buyer, even when they had only intended to go out for a short stroll!

#6. Presentation folders

Are you using boring, clear plastic folders to package your presentation materials? You can do better than that! Jazz up your folders with your name, logo, and contact details, so potential buyers know exactly who’s selling the property that they’re eyeing.

Apart from putting brochures, invoices, business cards, and the like into the folders, throw in some small freebies. Souvenir pens are an especially good idea—because when people use them, they’ll be helping to market your real estate firm for free at the same time.

#7. Email newsletter templates

Make your email newsletter a joy to read with a modern-looking email newsletter template. Most email platforms have a range of well-designed templates for you to choose from, though you can also create your own if you have a certain look in mind.

When preparing your email newsletter template, don’t just preview it on your desktop. Test how it looks on mobile, too.

You’ll want to make sure that your email newsletter looks perfect no matter which device your recipients use, especially if they’re reading their email on the go.

Don’t skimp on your business collaterals

As a real estate firm, you’re dealing in high-stakes, big-ticket property transactions. Securing a sale can mean netting thousands in commission, while losing the sale potentially means hours and days of hard work down the drain.

Accordingly, business collaterals aren’t something you can afford to skip over. By putting out a professional front that promotes your brand, you help your real estate firm be remembered.

Because even if someone isn’t looking to buy or sell a property right now, they might just want to do so in the future and when that happens, you want them to reach out to you!

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