7 Cheap Ways to Move Cross Country

Cheap Moving Tip

Consider These Seven Inexpensive Methods for Moving Across the Country. Moving across the country can become expensive, but there are several ways for you to save money.

Cheap Moving Tip 1: Use a Moving Container to Deliver Your Possessions
Some moving companies use metal or durable plastic containers to hold household goods for delivery across the country. These devices are suitable for when you have a limited number of possessions, but this service is not available in all cities. The moving companies combine several customers’ goods onto a truck or train to move the containers to the same city.

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Cheap Moving Tip 2: Pack Your Own Household Goods
If you want to save money while moving, then you can pack your own household goods. You can also use free cardboard boxes from grocery stores along with recycling newspaper for cushioning materials. It is imperative to get rid of as much clutter as possible so that you aren’t wasting money moving unnecessary items across the country.

Cheap Moving Tip 3: Rent a Moving Van
There are rental moving vans available from several companies, and you can rent these vehicles to move yourself, but there are several risks from this method. Some rental moving trucks are in poor condition with bad brakes and tires, making a trip across the country a dangerous process.

Cheap Moving Tip 4: Ship Items to Your New Home
You can pack your possessions in cardboard boxes and plastic totes to ship the items to a new home across the country. With a slow shipping process, this is often inexpensive, but it does have its disadvantages, including having items broken during the delivery process. In addition, someone could steal a container from the front porch of your home after it is delivered.

Cheap Moving Tip 5: Have Your Friends Help You Move
When you want to move across the country, you can get your friends to help with the process. Your friends can help you sort and pack your items to load into their trucks. However, unless your friends have toppers over the beds of their trucks, your appliances, electronics and furniture are exposed to rain, snow and flying debris.

Cheap Moving Tip 6: Move during the Off-season
If you choose to move during the off-season, then you can save money because moving companies often offer discounts. The primary time for moving services is during the summer when the weather is warm and dry, but if you can move in the spring, autumn or winter, then you will receive a lower quote for moving your household goods.

Cheap Moving Tip 7: Hire Professional Movers
When you are moving to a location across the country, hiring a professional moving company can save money. Expert movers understand how to pack your possessions properly into the correct type and size of truck so that your household goods arrive in the best condition. The moving technicians from Suddath moving and relocation services offer the best solutions for your moving needs to a new home.