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Whether you are a huge fan or persistent collector of luxury watches, investing a lot of money on a designer’s watch for a fashion accessory or its timekeeping function should always be worth investing in.

A good branded luxury watch increases its value over time. You can pass it down to the younger generation, and it will still look and function well.

One must at least get one high-quality, elegant wristwatch before the year ends to have something you can treasure in the years to come.

For those who are looking for a remarkable branded watch that can stand the test of time all while remaining modern when it comes to style, function, and appeal – then you should get an Oris watch stat.

A Brief History of the Oris Brand

Oris has been a remarkable brand of Swiss watches founded in 1904. The Oris Wristwatch Company has been around for over 100 years and was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian at Hölstein, Switzerland.

The Swiss watchmaker has been designing mechanical watches, which are popular amongst watch enthusiasts. In addition, Oris watches are available for various fields, including aviation, water sports, and even the music industry, to get to every watch enthusiast.

As a devoted brand of innovation in watchmaking, Oris has done an exceptional job in providing different watches.

Seven reasons people should get themselves an Oris watch

#1. The Oris brand has stood the test of time, thriving for over 100 years

Oris was one of the longest-running watch brands in the market today. In less than ten years of their existence, they could open another factory and be considered the largest employer in Hölstein.

The luxury Swiss watch company known for its mechanical watches promised their watches are built to last for a long time, as they only use the best and quality materials. Who also saw this in how long they have been doing the watchmaking business.

#2. The Oris watches continue to innovate their designs, features, functions, and overall appeal to the ever-changing market 

As the market changes and competition tightens in the watchmaking scene, the luxury Swiss watch brand Oris continues to innovate and produce watches that cater to its customer’s needs and interests.

One of the most remarkable and promising models that Oris developed is the Calibre 400 Series of Swiss Made. It promises a five-day power reserve, anti-magnetism, and a 10-year warranty and service intervals.

#3. The Oris watches are diversified, which means there are collections for aviation, water sports, music industry, among other fields of interest.

The versatility of the Oris watches can be classified into four main groups, Aviation, Diving, Motorsport, and Culture. The Aviation collection is focused on pilots, aviators, and aeronauts.

While the Motorsport collection is geared for Motor Racing professionals, on other hand, the Diving collection was made for Scuba divers, diving instructors, professional swimmers, and others.

Then the last collection, the Culture collection, comprises more classic-looking watches and limited editions paying tribute to various cultural aspects.

#4. Buying a Swiss-made watch makes for a great investment

While the prices of an Oris watch are not significantly lower, it is also not as expensive as other luxury brands, which is why it continues to gain popularity among watch collectors.

It has proven quality that is on par with other luxury brands like TAG Heuer and Longines. However, there are Oris watches that have more outstanding functions than a TAG.

Being Swiss-made, the customer can trust that the company adheres and uses the highest standards in its production.

#5. Each Oris watch is uniquely designed with distinctive red rotors, which sets it apart from the rest of the luxury watches in the market

Oris watches are specifically designed with red rotors for their brand identity. This unique individual look helped you easily distinguish that it’s an Oris watch. So now, when you see a red rotor, there is no doubt that you are looking at an Oris Swiss watch.

#6. An Oris watch is an intricate timepiece that you can wear as a stylish accessory, all while enjoying its functionality

Ranging from its varied collections, styles, and functions, one can never go wrong in using an Oris watch. Aside from its timeless and classic design, it’s a reliable and quality timepiece. You can use it for any occasion, and who can wear this versatile timepiece every day.

#7. The Oris watches hope to deliver comfort, accuracy, and durability

One of the important things to look at a good, quality timepiece is its comfort, accuracy, and durability.

Comfort isn’t just about the physical feeling while wearing the watch; it’s also about the in-depth feeling you get from wearing it. Therefore, any Oris watch was carefully crafted with materials that are comfortable to a person’s wrist.

There is no standard accuracy with any mechanical device in terms of accuracy, and there will always be variations. Who can regulate the ETA/Sellita movements used by Oris well within COSC specifications?

Then for durability, for over a century of watchmaking, Oris ensured who used only quality materials to manufacture the watch. As a result, it has been proven that this timepiece is sturdy and durable.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the right brand of the watch could be a great venture. Rather than getting an expensive piece of metal that will soon be dated, choose something that has already demonstrated its quality and worth. Something that will last longer and be shared with your children and even your grandchildren.

Many good brands are in the market, but getting the best watch that matches your lifestyle and interest, and personality can only be one brand that will stand out the most. Oris has been in the market for over a century. Oris watch is a great timepiece, and you must get your own before the year ends. There are plenty to choose from based on their style and preferences.

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