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Some cosmetic and skin care products tend to be more popular than the rest amongst the general populace. For example, almost everyone knows that a face wash, a moisturizer, and cleansing milk or a toner are all essential in our daily routine of skin care.

However, these are not the only products that must be used daily. While a lot of cosmetic manufacturers in India often make all these products to be sold as a set, only a small percentage of their clientele are aware of their uses.

Seven Beauty Products To Know Before Using

Best Makeup For Dry Skin

Micellar Cleansing Water

Though many people think that washing their faces with water and soap and calling it a night is enough when it comes to skincare, this could not be any more wrong. A cleanser is necessary for a rinse-free removal of dirt and debris that gets embedded in our facial pores. This is not easy to remove with just soap and water, hence, a cleanser is absolutely necessary. It is simple to use as well; all that needs to be done is soak a piece of cotton in it and swipe it across the face in even strokes.


Toners are definitely quite popular but there is still some confusion on how it is used. It should be used after washing the face with a face wash or a face scrub, to remove any residual grease and dirt. A water-based toner is far better than an alcohol-based one as the latter can dry the skin quite a bit while a water-based toner can be quite refreshing to the skin.

BB Cream

BB creams have a multitude of benefits. They are perfect for hydrating the skin, to even out the skin tone, and can also be used as foundation creams for makeup. They are often induced with antioxidants that are very good for attaining a healthy skin.

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Serums typically have a lot of antioxidants and do wonders for the health of the skin. They also have anti-aging properties that can treat aging spots on the skin. For best results, these should be used after cleansing the skin and before moisturizing. Serums that contain vitamins C and E along with retinol are especially beneficial.

Sleeping Cream

Sleeping creams are easy to apply; they can be applied to the face like a mask and left on like a moisturizing cream all through the night. Sleeping creams hydrate and moisturize the skin, providing a perfect component for that much-needed beauty sleep.

Eye-Cream or Gel

Eye creams and gels are beneficial in the removal of dark circles around the eye. An eye cream is a perfect way to hide tired-looking eyes in case of lack of sleep. Some eye creams come infused with caffeine and vitamins A and C that makes the user feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

best beauty products for woman

Sheet Masks

Masking is a great way to moisturize the skin and tighten it. Apply the mask as part of the daily skincare routine after reading the instructions provided on the pack and experience the difference in the feel of the skin. Masking can be a fun activity if it is turned into a mini spa-like routine at home.

Carefully read all the labels on all the products before purchasing them to make sure that there are no added ingredients in them that could cause an allergy. While drying the face, make sure to pat it dry rather than scrubbing it to avoid irritation of the skin.

Skincare, when done right, can be a relaxing and refreshing experience that should be incorporated into our daily routine to get the best possible results.

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7 Types of Beauty Cosmetic Products you must know about it Before Use 2