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Rome – a rambling and dramatic cosmopolitan city steeped in the world’s olden times – is as much about drenching up your lifestyle as it’s about visiting its classic monuments and decaying remnants! From the anecdotes of Emperors to stepping in the footprints of historic Gladiators, Rome has always been on the top of most travellers’ bucket list and it’s quite easy to understand why!

From the wonderful Colosseum to the exemplary Trevi fountain and certainly its culture and cuisine, Rome is one such place every travel enthusiast must visit. You can buy a sightseeing expedition to explore the city’s iconic history or simply immerse yourself in this list of amazing facts, we’re sure you weren’t aware of, and let it seep into your soul. Perhaps, this list may be enough to get you off your couch and make you book a flight to Rome!

8 Facts To Know About Rome

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Rome Is The 8th Most Popular City In Europe

With inhabitants roughly around 2.8m, Rome is known as Italy’s biggest city and the 8th most admired in Europe. If you’re on a lookout for a little sneak-peak, then let us tell you, the population of prehistoric Rome had peaked at the least 1m in comparison.

The Capital of Italy Wasn’t Always Rome

Shocking, isn’t it? Well, that is the truth! Peddling back to 1861, when Italy had just become a united country, its capital was actually, Turin. Later in the year 1864, Florence was made its capital. However, 6 years later that is in 1870 Rome was announced as the capital of Italy, which we’re all associated with today!

It Was In Rome Where Shopping Malls Were First Invented

Yes, we know this sounds a bit ludicrous! But, this is a fact and you need to accept it. Back in those days, in 100CE to be precise, it was Emperor Trajan who had built a market so that everyone living in the city was able to barter or shop and leaf through stuff all in one place. The shopping arcades of the market can be seen even in the present day!

Iconic Trevi Fountain Gets More Than €3000 Per Day

If you wish to make sure that you’re safely returning to Rome, then the prodigy say you should toss a coin over your shoulder and in the Trevi fountain. Well, now you know why it is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The coins tossed in the fountain are later on collected by the city’s officials with the help of water vacuum. Not to mention removing coins from it is considered to be illegal, since the money is given to help the city’s poor people.

Rome Consists Of An Entire State

You might or might not be aware of this fact, but it is hard to believe nonetheless. Rome is known to be home to a complete self-governing state – Vatican City. To give you a little more perspective on this one, Rome is the only city in the world, which could claim that it consist on a complete state within itself.

Spanish Steps In Rome Aren’t Spanish

Mystifying, is it? Well, the truth is Spanish steps were really built by Spanish people. The name basically means that one can find the Spanish Embassy underneath the steps while it was being constructed.

Almost Every Road Really Did Lead To Rome

Well, this isn’t completely true, yet the old proverb does have some value to it. Being fervent road builders, Romans had built nearly 50,000 miles of roadway by the 4th Century BCE. All these roads were long-drawn-out all through the Roman Empire and most of them started in Rome itself. If you’d like to walk or cycle along one of them today, then you got to explore the primeval Appian Way to live through its history!

Rome Has Over 900 Churches

This wouldn’t really bolt from the blue, but undeniably the truth that Rome has over 900 churches is remarkable! Back in the 4th Century AD, if you’d think of taking a tour of the most famous ones, even a week wouldn’t be enough!

If you wish to experience nothing but the finest of places, then you must plan a trip to Rome! Bon Voyage!

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